The Architects of Destiny – HomePodcasts  Episode 1 – Evolving Into 5D Consciousness With Livia Devi Episode 2 – Combining Science, Spirituality And Nutrition For Optimal Health With Vanita K. Gupta  Episode 4 – Navigating The Turbulent Transition Into The New Earth With Steve X Mcnamara Episode 5 – Overcoming Darkness To Lead With Light With Libby Robertson Episode 6 – Building New Earth Economy Through Sovereign Businesses With Abbey Rose Episode 7 – 2022 Predictions With Aeron Lazar Episode 8 – Animal, Plant & Tree Communication With Shelley Wasicki Episode 9 – Repogram Your Energy Field For Abundance With Aeron Lazar And Riya Loveguard Episode 10 – Understanding Light Language With Riya Loveguard Episode 11 – Grandmother Mulara On The Aboriginal ‘New Dreaming’ Prophecy Episode 12 – Psychic Healing And Spirit Guide Communication With Mari Belzunce Episode 13 – New Wealth For The New Earth With Keri Norley Episode 14 – Archetypal Astrology: Planetary Evolution With Damascena Tanis Episode 15 – Divine Feminine Activation With Bec Mylonas  Episode 16 – Embody Multidimensionality With Cendrine Sauvenier  Episode 17 – Divine Masculine Today And In The New Earth With Alex Buta Episode 18 – Akashic Records With Aeron Lazar Episode 19 – Livia Devi On New Earth Leadership Episode 20 – Angelic Realm And Galactic Light Beings With Angelo Thomas Episode 21 – Starseed Energy Update September 2022 | Messages From Sirians, Arcturians, Pleiadains & LyransBlog  Aeron Lazar’s Blogs  You Are The Architect Of Your Own Destiny Decalcify Your Pineal Gland To Elevate Your Consciousness How Do You Distinguish Between Different Galactic Light Beings? This Is How We Crack The Matrix Beyond 2021: Energy Update A Vision Of The New Earth Healing Ancestral Patterns In 5 Simple Steps Why Mayans Built Pyramids: Discovering The Secret Purpose Of The Mayan Cities The Dark Night Of The Soul  Practical Methods To Connect To Your Spirit Guides Removing Energetic Attachments To Food For A High Vibrational LivingRiya Loveguard’s Blogs  What Is Light Language?  How To Unsubscribe From The Collective Grid Light Language For Sleep Transmission How To Discover Your Soul Purpose Technology Addiction – Warning From The Orions Creating ‘New Wealth’ To Prepare For The ‘New Earth’ How Staying Present In Your Body Optimizes Your Multidimensional Experiences Healing The Wounded Feminine And Masculine To Be In Divine UnionAbout us  Aeron Lazar  Riya LoveguardQuantum Club Transcending Dimension

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