Healing Ancestral Patterns in 5 Simple Steps

Aeron Lazar

The world is filled to the brim with opportunities for happiness, wealth, abundance, and love. With our connection to the Source, there is no limit to what we can achieve within this lifetime, both in the material sense and in the spiritual sense.

Yet energetic blockages, including our ancestral patterns, separate us from living our best life. At times, we may find ourselves at rock bottom, maybe devastatingly heartbroken, or perhaps swimming in debt with no new prospects in sight.

This applies even when you’ve done the spiritual and physical work, followed the strategy, manifested and visualised, and even invested time and money just to chase the flow of the Universe’s abundance frequency.

Until you devote yourself fully clearing, releasing and healing ancestral patterns, you will keep repeating the same programmes and even worse – pass these on to the next generation. This is why it is important to learn how to heal ancestral karma and trauma so you can pass the best energetic inheritance down your lineage.

Ancestral Patterns - energetic imprints

What Are Ancestral Patterns?

Ancestral patterns are energetic imprints that have been passed down to us by our ancestors, generation to generation.

The way we leave fingerprints on a glass, ancestral or generational patterns often go unnoticed as we continue to sip the fine wine that is life. But they are always there – sitting on our energetic fields.

When these ancestral patterns are negative, low-vibrational, or perhaps do not align with the current frequency of the Earth, that’s when they create energetic blockages – like fog on a glass window, limiting our view of happiness and abundance.

Ancestral patterns could be in the form of beliefs reinforced and embedded into one’s family values and energetic field over many years or they can be a result of ancestral karma.

What is Ancestral Karma? 

Ancestral karma is an energetic “I owe you” carried across generations and repeating itself over and over again, until one of the descendants acknowledges the karmic lesson.

Every family has its secrets. The only problem is that energetic fields do not like secrets. Whether it’s hidden affairs, extramarital children brought up by unknowing fathers, unfair dealings or pain inflicted by family members on others – when karma is created, it doesn’t just go away if it is left unspoken and taken to the grave.

In fact, the key to healing ancestral karma is bringing the secrets out to the open. And by bringing the family karma out to the open I don’t mean announcing to the world that you have just discovered that your grandmother had an affair with the postman. To heal ancestral karma you simply need to acknowledge the pain inflicted by your ancestors’ choices and recognise the consequences and ways in which this karma carried through the generations.

However, not all ancestral patterns are connected to karma or even trauma. They can also be connected to beliefs passed down through generations.

Political refugees as example of ancestral patterns

For example, someone with political refugees as great grandparents may fear authority because of trauma from war or chaos from their country of origin, could have taught their children and their children’s children that authority figures should be feared. Or someone whose ancestors decided to migrate from a poverty stricken country to a wealthier place in pursuit of opportunities, may still follow patterns of scarcity and frugality, that their ancestors ingrained in them, as this strategy was keeping the roof over their heads.

This belief can be passed onto the next generation by parents expressly teaching their children to be closed off from people perceived as dangerous or to watch every expense.

However, a lot of times, these vibrations of fear or scarcity do not even need to be taught overtly, they just become engraved in the family’s collective consciousness. They become a set of beliefs and behavioral patterns, running the show without anyone’s conscious knowledge.

Fear of authority – energetic blockage

So for example, this energetic blockage based on fear of authority could limit a family member from realizing their own potential in the workplace or in their studies due to lack of confidence or even bleed out to other areas of their life like their romantic relationships.

A pattern of scarcity can in turn paralyse a person from pursuing income-generating opportunities or even display itself in being blocked off from receiving financial abundance in an easy and pleasurable manner, as all that ancestral field knows is struggle and hard work.

A fear- or scarcity-driven life is essentially a life devoid of enjoyable experiences that we, as explorers of this Earthly realm, should have.

How do we break free from these ancestral patterns? 

First of all, it is important to recognise the difference between healing ancestral patterns and breaking them. You can still make decisions based on free will without breaking the pattern.

Breaking patterns generates a great deal of turmoil in your energy field and, as a result, in physical reality. That is what the first and most important task in any ancestral healing is to recognize the lesson in the programme that we are releasing. In sessions with clients, I have discovered that until we correctly recognize the ancestral field, the field would not even let me proceed to the next stage – clearing and releasing karma or trauma.

In each cash, you need to approach your ancestral field with reverence rather than rebellion.

1. Honoring and Paying Tribute To Your Ancestors

In any type of healing, whether physical or spiritual, the first step is to always recognize that there is a wound, an illness, or a problem. 

The first step to removing energetic blockages from ancestral patterns is by first acknowledging that your ancestors might have gone through unimaginable pain and suffering. 

Living during wars, famine, poverty, or blatant gaps in social statuses, your ancestors might have experienced fear, trauma, limitations, and loss that they carried all through their lifetimes.

By recognizing this, you are honoring them and their life, letting them know that you do not take their experiences for granted, despite not knowing them in real life. 

Offering your ancestors frequencies of empathy, love, and gratitude could be a great first step to healing their pain.

Recognizing lessons from previous experiences can occur in a variety of ways. Sometimes you recognise the event with your emotions, occasionally with your thinking, and sometimes the lesson arrives with nothing more than a contrasting sensation in the present moment.

2. Releasing Trauma and Karma From The Ancestral Lineage

The ancestral field is an internal connection which goes backward into one’s lineage. From yourself, to your parents, to your grandparents, and so on.

The ancestral patterns could accumulate in this painbody, and it sits around like an invisible string tied around each member of the family.

To heal your ancestral lineage, you need to gain separation from the generational pattern and heal the pain and trauma that sits in this ancestral painbody through energetic work.

You can also do this by consciously and respectfully stating to your ancestors that you are ready to walk your own path and that the pain and suffering that they have gone through has taught you valuable lessons in appreciation and gratitude.

Furthermore, the ancestral pain and trauma is often accumulated in person’s physical body and this is why an energy clearing session can be followed by practices that move energy around the body such as yoga, massage or reflexology.

3. Separating You Energetic Field From Ancestral Imprints

This is perhaps one of the most crucial parts of the process. In my individual sessions  at this stage, I lead my clients to separate their own energetic fields from the ancestral imprints and patterns that need to be shed.

Using frequency as well as repeating certain affirmative statements, a new ball of energy is rebirthed from the client’s energetic field itself. 

If there was a complete and proper honoring and tribute to the ancestors during the first step, and a releasing of trauma from the painbody during the second step, this ball of energy will emerge almost instantaneously, and in an effortless way.

This ball of energy birthed from the client’s field will signal that there is a separation from the old programming, imprint and patterns.


4. Locating The Distorted Frequencies

In my energy healing work, I ask for my client’s express consent to access their energetic field and locate the distorted frequencies that are causing blockages in their lives.

Like a dentist looking for cavities on a patient’s teeth, I scope out their energetic fields to identify any kind of dissonant energy. Once I identify them, I extract these distorted frequencies from his client’s energetic field. 

Thankfully, there is no pain like at the dentist, however there is often an emotional release of pent up emotions passed down through generations of the family lineage.

After extraction of these dissonant energies, a void in the field is created that can be filled with new and more high-vibrational frequencies.


5. Inspecting Your Energetic Field

Extracting any kind of frequency from a person’s energetic field can be quite challenging, if not dangerous, because of the void that it creates.

Going by the tooth extraction analogy, once a tooth is taken out, a patient’s gums would be open and vulnerable to infection and contamination.

Thus, it is important for an energy worker to inspect these voids, and assist the client in closing them up with new sets of energies that will improve their energetic fields.

If these energetic voids are not properly filled, however, old programming, patterns and perceptions can take over and latch themselves back in place.

Using affirmative methods of the new belief system programmed into the client’s energetic field, and sometimes even invoking the power of Galactic Light Beings, such as Sirian Protective Energies, the new patterns are installed and embodied – and the new reality starts to unfold.

Spiritual healing, including clearing ancestral trauma, pain and karma is an intricate process. So many factors can come into play, and so many aspects to be considered before one could truly reach the vibrational flow that aligns with the universe. 

The integration period after each energetic rewire session could be tiring and taxing on the physical, and you might want to rest and stop (which is okay), but when you see the view from the top, it’s all worth it. 

With the correct tools and with the purest intentions, getting rid of frequency blockages and Quantum energetic tools the process can be accelerated and the results in the physical reality can be felt almost immediately.

Picture of Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar is a multidimensional psychic, an energy worker and a spiritual teacher. Aeron specialises in the Akashic Realm, helping his clients clear past life and ancestral karma and trauma so they can move into alignment and experience abundance on every level.

Aeron Lazar is also an ambassador to various Galactic Star Nations due to his ability channel messages and energy of these Beings of Lights. He regularly works with the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Galactic Federation of Light.

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Ingrid Alexander
Ingrid Alexander
8 months ago

I meant to give this 5 stars. So sorry!! It won’t let me change it.
Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. This is exactly what I was looking for today: my gratitude is immense. Sensing such a need to witness and release barrels of anguish in the lives of those who have gone before me.
Joy to you in this journey. Thank you Aeron.

Riya Loveguard
Riya Loveguard
8 months ago

So glad you learnt from the article!

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