Aeron Lazar

Akashic Records Expert, Spiritual Liberator, and Channel to Galactic Beings.

Aeron Lazar is the embodiment of a Modern-Day Wizard – a Spiritual Worker with many different tools in his arsenal to protect, to encourage, to enlighten, and to heal any individual embarking on their spiritual journey to ascension. He is a multi-Dimensional Psychic and a Starseed, here on Earth to fulfill a mission – to free individuals from karmic loops and energetic blockages through his divinely given spiritual talents.

With much passion, love, precision, and professionalism, Aeron has built a solid track record in the spiritual community. 

Aeron has been of service to people who have had difficulties in discovering their planetary mission, and helped them create a life of freedom, abundance, happiness, and purpose.

Brought about by his keen interest of exploring the Quantum Field, contacting various Races of Galactic Light Beings, as well as delving into the Akashic Records to uncover soul histories, Aeron has propelled his students to a higher level of consciousness, and a more vibrant perspective of the world.

Akashic Records Expert, Spiritual Liberator, and Channel to Galactic Beings.
Aeron Lazar - a Channel of Galactic Light Beings

Aeron Lazar - a Channel of Galactic Light Beings

Channeling Galactic Light Beings is as effortless as breathing when it’s a gift from your soul family, passed down to equip you in fulfilling your highest soul mission. With this awareness, Aeron has made sure that his talents are not put to waste.

Aeron regularly works with Spiritual Beings from other Dimensions to bring forward hidden secrets of the universe that the limited senses of man cannot easily fathom.

Opening his third eye and welcoming these Galactic Beings into his heightened consciousness, Aeron has been able to acquire wisdom from different Galactic Races such as the Sirians, Arcturians, the Pleidians, the Lyrans, the Andromedans, the Orions, and other citizens of the cosmic nations.

Aeron Lazar’s Soul Mission

Before fully embracing his soul mission, Aeron has gone through a period of dilemma; torn between listening to his soul’s calling in order to fulfil his soul mission here on Earth, and the demands of creating a life that this three-dimensional planet perceives to be “successful.”

Amidst meeting business demands, chasing career goals, and trying to build great relationships while dealing with personal hardships, his soul mission was put to the side. For years, material endeavors took the center stage in Aeron’s life, leaving his cosmic gifts as mere spectators in a misguided one-man show.

But as any Starseed with an important mission always does, Aeron was led back on track with more clarity, and a more powerful, renewed sense of purpose.

Aeron understands the seemingly endless period of the “dark night of the soul” and knows that in order to pursue an enlightened life, every person must go through it at least once in an Earthly incarnation.

Feeling and recognizing the depths of human emotion was part of the process that Aeron has gone through (and continues to go through) to fine-tune his psychic abilities and develop his third eye.

Aeron Lazar’s Soul Mission
Aeron Lazar: a Multi-Dimensional Psychic

Aeron Lazar: a Multi-Dimensional Psychic

He’s a Multi-Dimensional Psychic for a reason! Aeron understands that human endeavors must come into play, and simply dipping our toes into our human nature is not enough. Instead, we need to dive headfirst into the waters of our existence before Galactic Light Beings could reveal themselves to us and bestow their wisdom.

To be able to contact these Spiritual Beings of Light, Aeron incorporates human connection and experience in order to reach a higher vibrational frequency. A Higher vibrational frequency is of course essential to meet these Spiritual Beings half-way (since we exist in a 3D space, while they live in a higher plane).

Human connection and emotion allows other loving and elevated entities to communicate with us. The very essence of channeling, after all, is sharing of energies. Energies that vibrate at the same frequency creates a doorway between our plane of existence and those of other dimensions. This is one of the things that Aeron teaches to his students.

At the same time, however, Aeron Lazar understands that human experience can create blockages around our energetic fields, which prevents us from having full, personal, and unique interactions with Galactic Light Beings.

In his activations, Aeron addresses these blockages and allows you to let go of them so you can climb to a higher level of consciousness. Releasing your 3D handcuffs is the first step to fully realizing your soul’s highest mission.

With Aeron’s uniquely designed courses and programs dealing with different aspects such as his legendary Quantum Deep Dive Program, the Akashic Records Course and other life-changing programmes, his students are learning to integrate the human elements of their spiritual journey with their Galactic calling.

Aeron Has Unrestricted Access to the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is a database etched in light, a logbook, if you will, of every soul’s history, incarnations, experiences, mission, and every single outcome for every minute choices they make as they navigate their way to ascension. It is also a library of every possible event that could occur in the future.

Aeron Lazar is no stranger to this hall of wisdom, the universe’s mega library containing every record of every soul. There, a soul’s journey across all cosmic planes is a writer – every incarnation, every lifetime, every planet in which any soul has lived.

Guarded by the Akashic Keepers, the Akashic Records holds all the mysteries of the universe that humankind still endeavors to discover. It is free for everyone to access, but with mankind’s current state of consciousness, the Akashic Records cannot reveal themselves fully yet – except for those individuals who are able to elevate their consciousness to higher planes.

Aeron Lazar holds a key to the records because of the higher level of consciousness in which he operates. As an energy worker who has worked tirelessly with his Higher Self and Spirit Guides, Aeron has spent countless hours perusing, decoding and understanding the Akashic Records.

This has allowed Aeron to transform the lives of his students by reading into their soul history, recognizing the karmic patterns built over time, and making sure that they do the inner work to break from those bondages of lives past.

With the help of the Records, Aeron can foresee the possible futures and outcomes that are written in a person’s destiny and help a person’s change the trajectory of their soul.

Aeron is as much of a Modern-Day Gandalf as he is a spiritual Sherlock Holmes, investigating the soul marks of a person, reconciling those clues with their Akashic Records, and getting to the very root of what might be blocking their spiritual ascension – from generational cycles and curses, childhood traumas of present and past lives, soul contracts and more.

Knowing his way to the Akashic Library has been truly essential in Aeron’s mission here on Earth, and that is to help whoever he comes across with to remember why they incarnated in this life and at this specific period of this young planet’s existence.

With the information he retrieves from the Records, Aeron then pin-points a soul’s strengths, amplifies them, and eventually making them feel empowered enough to face the things that their soul is holding on to that may not be serving them in this lifetime.

Releasing these negative energies and helping his students find balance is detrimental to Aeron’s energetic work.

As a result of his research in the Akashic Records, Aeron helps his students make better life choices, with more awareness, and alignment with the universe.

Indeed, Aeron’s work and life’s calling is nothing short of remarkable. Today, he continues to help many people experience life with more vitality, detachment from the material, a sense of openness to all types of human emotions, and a more intentional way of living.

Aeron Has Unrestricted Access to the Akashic Records

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