Riya Loveguard

Light Language Expert  High Vibrational Business Strategist and Star Nations Ambassador

Riya Loveguard is a Spiritual Activator, Energy Worker, and a Spokesperson for the Citizens of the Galactic Nations. She regularly uses her unique ability to channel Light Languages to help people design an abundant and purposeful life.

Here on this Earth as an Ambassador of the entities from different Star Nations, Riya can speak 15 Light Languages of different Galactic Races such as Arcturian, Andromedan, Lyran, Sirian, Feline, and Pleiadian. She can also speak Lemurian and Atlantis, two forgotten languages of the ancient human civilizations.

Light Language Expert  High Vibrational Business Strategist and Star Nations Ambassador
Riya Loveguard: The Galactic Light Language Channel and Activator

Riya Loveguard: The Galactic Light Language Channel and Activator

Riya is an excellent decoder of Light Languages! She recognizes the languages of higher vibrational beings just by listening to their unique sound signatures.

The way most of us know the words to our favorite song, Light Languages flow through Riya beautifully and naturally, as if she has spoken it all her Earthly life!

So much of Riya’s spiritual journey has been about mastering Light Languages and channeling Light Beings that it has become second nature to her.

With her close connection to Galactic Beings, Riya has had a unique insight into the grand scheme of the universe. With their help, Riya has discovered that everything that the world is, was, and will be, are all laid written in the cosmos, waiting to be uncovered, communicated and shared to us. 

What is so remarkable about Riya is her ability to activate the same skills of speaking and understanding Light Languages in her students – something that is outstandingly rare for most Light Language Speakers in the world today.

To activate these Light Languages in others, Riya uses her own brand of energetic recalibrations and merges any individual’s energetic field with the majestic energies upon which higher-dimensional beings operate.

Riya Loveugard: a Spiritual Blockage Hacker

Much like a hacker of computers, Riya is a technical genius when it comes to energies. She jumps negative energetic firewalls, and clears out spiritual debris, so that one can welcome the presence of Galactic entities into their energetic field.

With wisdom freely shared to her by her Spirit Guides and other Galactic Entities, Riya has been able to assist people on how to discover their true soul purpose, create a life of abundance and divine alignment, heal childhood traumas, and break past-life karmas and generational cycles.

By reading into her clients energetic fields, Riya is able to recognize blockages that are preventing them from receiving messages from the universe and their Higher Selves.

Quieting the conscious mind, and calling forward the subconscious programmes, Riya re-wires these energetic blockages so that any person becomes more receptive to the divine guidance of Light Beings and their Higher Self.

Riya’s Galactic friends have also been essential in her work as a Spiritual Activator, helping many of her students get in touch with different iterations of their Higher Selves.

Powered by Light Beings, Riya can show you how to build an intimate relationship with your Higher Self – the version of yourself that is unmarred by human experience and mundanities, watching over us with pure unadulterated love, wisdom and compassion directly from Source. 

Riya’s spiritual journey was not without its obstacles, of course.

Spiritual Blockage Hacker Riya Loveugard
Riya’s Journey To Ascension

Riya’s Journey To Ascension

Bearing the pressures of becoming a “successful” person in the context of this three-dimensional and material planet, Riya has gone through a period of ignoring and putting on mute the calls of Source and the whole universe.

For many years, Riya buried herself in work,businesses varying from hospitality, real estate to online education, driven by material notions of success and abundance.

It was not until the universe decided to break the cog machine that Riya was forced to look inward and listen to her inner self for the first time in years.

With the painful and life-altering roadblocks and energy shifts in her personal life, Riya was able to do tonnes of shadow work, inner self-healing, and eventually get in touch with her Higher Self who lovingly reminded her of the true nature of her purpose here on Earth.

Today, Riya is one of the most devoted, interactive, and successful Soul Healers and Activators in the Spiritual Community.

Sharing her gifts to the world, she regularly holds Light Language Workshops online, and Galactic Sound Technology Classes to help Starseeds and potential Channels of Light Languages to activate their souls.

Riya also helps clients find their Galactic Soul Family, and find out about their soul history so that they may activate their Starseed history.

Riya Loveguard: a 5D Business Coach

Integrating her solid business background and experience, Riya also assists entrepreneurs in formulating business strategies and ethical solutions that are in energetic alignment with the 5D frequency of abundance and sustainability.

With all of her unique talents, personal experiences, and genuine commitment to her soul mission, Riya continues to transform the lives of all the people all around her.

Although she has achieved so much and has helped so many, her mission is far from being complete as the grand tapestry of the universe continues to unfold before her keen and enlightened eye.

Riya Loveguard: a 5D Business Coach

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