Architects of Destiny:


A 6-Month Energetic Journey to Transform Your Reality, Embody 5D & Live in Full Alignment and Flow!

Architects of Destiny:

Transcending Dimensions

A 6-Month Energetic Journey to Transform Your Reality, Embody 5D & Live in Full Alignment and Flow!

You are ready to create the life you have always dreamed of. You are committed to leaving other people’s expectations, ancestral programming and outdated patterns behind as you design your best life.

You are done trying to fit in the mould. You know you are a powerful creator, choosing a higher level of consciousness to permeate and transform every aspect of your existence.

Step into the role of the Architects of Destiny and reprogram every aspect of your life for abundance in the upcoming 6 month transformative programme with Aeron Lazar and Riya Loveguard.

The Architects of Destiny Transformative Program is for you if you are:

Up until recently, clients came to us for individual sessions to overcome energetic limitations holding them back on their Soul missions. These sessions acted like a targeted surgery designed to precisely pinpoint and remove programmes that affect the flow of income, love, well-being or creativity.

These sessions have been highly effective in targeting specific energetic blocks. Our clients experienced profound energetic shifts after which translated to tangible, profound changes in their physical reality following rapidly after every session.


I felt so much lighter after the session and right now and I am happy and easy going. In other words "I feel great", not even tired. Do you know what's funny? Since this afternoon I don't think one time about anything from the past. It somehow faded AWAY!
after working with Aeron on past trauma
Thank you for our call yesterday. I had a huge shift and feel the expansion within myself and receiving downloads for my next steps in business. Yah!! I felt lower density frequencies shift out of my body and then felt the energy of higher frequencies and upgrades yesterday. I’m even thinking differently. I feel really different, good different. In alignment with my soul and souls mission. You mentioned yesterday that I can speak light language or language of my soul without going into meditation. This morning I did my morning meditation and connected to my heart and spoke the light language and then opened my eyes and your right I could still speak it as it’s just there.
after one session with Riya
Within two days after the session with Aeron there was a new found bounce in my step and sparkle in my perception. I felt powerful career vibes come back online. My energy has been potent! I’ve been more confident and as a side note I actually saw what I think was my own aura for the first time. To say the least, that dose of energy and protection was seriously magical.
after the first session with Aeron

Drawing on the success of these 1 to 1 sessions, we have been called to provide a more comprehensive, immersive guided experience to help a wider group of people transcend the three-dimensional limitations and lead you into a higher-dimensional flow.

Instead of focusing narrowly on one specific problem, we will lead you through a process of deep transformation – a process that we have been through ourselves. Using a vast number of powerful modalities from our Quantum toolbox, we will strip away old programming that you may not even be aware of yet. We will lead you step by step to let go of the 3D template and re-birth into a life free of stress and filled with abundance on every level. 

The process we will guide you through is very intense and certainly not for the faint of heart. It’s a journey for Souls committed to their personal evolution and ascension above anything else. You will come off the other side feeling lightness, clarity and ignited for your mission.



As we begin the journey, you will find out exactly how you can work with energetic patterns to make the shifts integrate into your reality in a conscious, orderly manner. There will be no behind the scenes magic: we want you to be an active participant in the whole process, so the ability to independently work with energy to transform physical reality stays with you not just for the duration of the programme, but for lifetime.


We will start off by stripping outdated 3D programmes from you, layer by layer. From deep seated past trauma and mindset limitations, through ancestral patterns all the way through to past life imprints and societal / collective programming, including any seals, bonds and ties. This will be a full system reset.


As the energetic clutter begins to lift from your field, the journey back to your true essence starts. You will gain a fresh, multidimensional perspective on your life and your unique Soul Blueprint and Soul Mission. You will reconnect with your Galactic Support Team and Beings of Light who will be your Guides as you re-design your most abundant life.


Using advanced Quantum Technology, we will continue working with you energetically to activate the highest timeline of health, vitality, financial abundance, creativity, love. Area by area, we will rewire your energetic field for optimal flow of energy with the assistance of our Galactic Team. Every week you will receive unique Codes from high dimensional beings such as the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Lyrans, the Orions and the Andromedans that will energetically support your shift into 5D and higher consciousness.


Receive practical guidance and energetic upgrades to connect with the higher dimensional version of yourself and learn to embody 5D consciousness in your day to day, as you witness unprecedented expansion and acceleration in your physical reality.

Transcending Dimensions is NOT a mindset or coaching programme.

It is a Quantum energetic transformative journey.

We will work deep in your energetic field using cutting-edge Quantum Technology.

There is nothing wrong with your mindset, therefore we will not use outdated coaching patterns to change it. Instead, we will work with frequency and energy for immediate, Quantum shifts!

You will access specific, powerful energetic tools that we use daily ourselves and with our private clients.

The methodology we use is totally unique as it’s been received from our Galactic Guides, channelled in from the Quantum Field and honed over hundreds of individual client sessions.

You will experience deep release and transformation.

The Transcending Dimensions journey will be in many ways similar to a plant medicine retreat, but a lot gentler on your digestive system and friendlier on your wallet. You will also be able to integrate easier as your conscious mind will be a part of the process.

You will receive individual & high touch support

Not every programme offers the level of personalised attention you get here. There is a limited number of spots available, because we want to PERSONALLY support, guide, and work with you every step of the way. You get direct access to Aeron and Riya, and not a coach trained by us.


Infinite gratitude for the high healing work you provided for me earlier! I honestly feel brand new, deeply healed, rejuvenated and infinitely happy!! It’s so blessed that you found your way to doing this sacred calling!
after one session with Aeron
Just wanted to say thanks again for today's session and removing the blocks for me, it was exactly what I needed and I feel better already.

It was fascinating to know more about my previous life on Arcturus and to know my purpose and why I came here too.

Now my field is cleared I really want to activate my abilities and be able to do the things that you do!
after first session with Aeron
Thank you with all my heart, Aeron and Riya!It was so hard to live in that way, with all these heaviness inside of me… You saved me!!! Thank you!!!!! For the First Time in my Life i know that I am safe. I apresciate a lot your energy which come from the Beings of light and I know I was waiting for so long for this exactly!!

I will take time for me to integrate it now .. but believe me 10 hours later(our session) I think I’ve finally found a job for me, with the right people!
I appreciate everything given to me today during our session! I also just completed the Artcurian Codes of Inner Healing and found it to be so helpful. I felt strong sensation through upper body, out through my hands.  I could feel something/energy moving.  I found this session to be so helpful. I appreciate speaking with you today and thanks for getting your teaching/healing out into the world.
Thank you for today’s session.  You are truly gifted and I am grateful for all that you did for me today. I have had this annoying pain in my inner left leg near my hip.  Each day it was getting worse when I sat, I always felt like I needed to stretch my leg.  After today’s energy work with you, it is gone.  I can sit in my chair at my desk pain free.  I could feel it leaving thru my stomach and coming out.  Wow, it feels good to sit and work with no annoying pain on my left side. Again, thank you.

This program is for you if

This program is not for you if:

This program is for you if

This program is not for you if:

Here’s what you will receive when you decide to join Transcending Dimensions

Your Journey starts as soon as you join… you enter a powerful group vortex and are shifted into a new reality of freedom, abundance and flow! The power of your intention is set in motion as your energy field goes to work.



Learn everything you need to know to make your journey through the dimensions as smooth as possible and receive the essential tools you will need along the way.


Shift Past Timelines to Create Abundant Future

You will understand what it takes to change the trajectory of your life and quantum jump to a more abundant timeline. You will be guided through a process of radical forgiveness and self-love as we integrate all the past lessons to create your dream future.

Uncover Ancestral Patterns to Heal Deep Negative Programming

You will gain understanding of which events from your family history are energetically charged and how even the seemingly insignificant choices your parents and grandparents made can affect you today. We will also go through the process of deep healing of the highest priority ancestral trauma and resolving the ancestral karma for instant shifts in your reality.

Access the Akashic Records to Clear Past Life Karma and Trauma

Time to look beyond this lifetime and into your Soul’s history to find out how past incarnations can affect your day to day. You will be guided to access your Akashic Records to release karmic imprints negatively affecting your life and learn how to repeat this process on your own.

De-program Collective Level 3D Templates and Remove Seals

Collective programming coming from cultural, financial and religious grids and seals are some of the most powerful chains anchoring humanity to a three dimensional template of existence. In this intensive session, we will use Sirian Quantum technology to set you free.


Discover Your Soul History and Connect to Your Galactic Support Team

We will return to the Akashic Records to learn your Soul’s history beyond your lineage and guide you through a powerful activation to reconnect with your Soul Family and Galactic Support Team. You will gain personal access to the wisest, most experienced and loving mentors - for life!

Activate Your Unique Mission & Blueprint

You know you are here for a bigger purpose! In this session, we will shed through any limitations holding you back from boldly stepping into your Soul’s Unique Mission. You will receive Galactic Codes activating your soul’s full alignment and supporting you in courageously following your Soul’s Blueprint.

Learn to Channel and Communicate Directly with Your Galactic Support Team

You will be shown step by step how you can communicate directly with higher dimensional Beings of Light and Ascended Masters in this practical coaching session. You will also receive upgrades attuning your intuition for greater precision in receiving downloads and wisdom from your Guides.

Receive Galactic 5D Activations & Consciousness Technology

Experience powerful upgrades from higher dimensional Beings of Light and learn how to request and download Conscious Technology Codes yourself. Learn how you can keep fine-tuning every aspect of your life with Quantum Technology, with your direct connection to the Beings of Light from Higher Dimensions.


Total Energetic Mastery

Learn to command your personal energy field, moulding it to serve you, not societal pressures or external influences. Energetically break free from the chains of 'The Matrix, stepping into a world of unparalleled freedom, abundance, and happiness.

Connect to Higher Dimensional Abundance Template and Money energy

Receive Abundance Codes from the Lyran Avians, Lyran Felines and for the Arcturians. Learn how to connect and commune with the energy of Money and let her power your dreams.

Using Your Unique Gifts to Create Aligned Business / Career

Learn how to create income around the very reason you have come to Earth. Discover the energetic laws of business and learn how to work with the energetic field of your Divine Mission to create a business or career that is in full alignment with your Higher Self.

Embodying Your Higher Self

Learn how to embody and integrate all the upgrades you have received into your field. Connect with Your Soul’s Essence and become Your Higher Self, radiating boundless power to keep creating the reality of your dreams.


I’ve never been drawn to a program the way I was drawn to Transcending Dimensions. I had just moved to a new city by myself with a clean slate. Everything I saw about it said YES! When I met with Aeron, there was no question in my mind I was in the right place at the right time, and that I was going to invest in myself with this program

I’ve followed gurus and other teachers before, but that’s not what I was looking for, and it’s not what Riya and Aeron were providing, either. They were interested in helping me learn to feel in alignment with every aspect of myself and my guidance team. They are facilitators who helped me learn to get in touch with myself and my highest timeline!

I had already done so much work to release things that didn’t serve me, but I needed help to fill my life up with people and things that light me up. And that’s what I got!

This program was not full of fluffy unicorns or toxic positivity. It came with a lot of real talk about how to be more fully embodied and ENJOY this existence. Divine timing isn’t about anybody’s idea of when or what should happen. It’s allowing things to unfold from a bigger place than we can consciously access. Transcending Dimensions helped me to get in touch with the bigness beyond my small ideas of what’s possible.

Three weeks ago, I started a job that is exactly what I was wanting and it came through a serendipitous connection that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t put myself out there and asked for what I wanted. I also started a new relationship with someone at the end of the program who I’m still seeing and enjoying very much. I’m much more playful in my life and enjoying the dance with all the different relationships and connections. I feel more and more like my true self every day and am so very grateful for this program and how it continues to unfold in my life!Jacki
I chose Transcending Dimensions because I wanted to get deeper into getting rid of the unwanted, the shadows, to heal deeper, and to embody 5D consciousness. Every lesson was important, however, the most important were: releasing ancestral patterns (I believe there were things I never touched before), and the Codes of Bitter Medicine. Changes were too many to list, but the main one was my perception of life, and releasing many low frequency energies. I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to feel positive and that life is in their favour, not against them. I would also highly recommend this for anyone who would like to release anger, and at the same time feel cuddled by galactic beings and by two lovely human beings: Riya and Aeron. I would like to add to this that I am so grateful for the teachings, the attention, the love, the kindness and the passion that I got from Riya and Aeron. Words cannot express the gratitude in my heart, so I really have no clue how to type this, ha! Thank you also to all the people who were in my group, I learned so much from each and every one of you! Thank you all beautiful beings!!!

I was drawn to Transcending Dimensions because I knew I had some inner work to do, but needed some guidance, direction and support to do it. Learning about ancestral patterns was a game changer because attitudes, behaviours and ways of living that I took for granted as being 'how things are in my family,' are changeable, healable and that I am not doomed to repeat history. I have control over it all. The biggest shift was confidence around my own capabilities. I can do much more than I thought I could. Things that I would have gone to other people to explore, I can do myself. The entire experience was amazing and I am so grateful to have been able to participate in it. If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be Liberating.

I would recommend Transcending Dimensions to anyone who wants to create deep changes within to become their best selves. Riya and Aeron, I can't thank you both enough for your support and generosity, working with you both has been life changing!
Spiritual connection with extraterrestrials and working with energy is what attracted me to the program. I learned that energy, light and love are the most important thing in human life. When your emotions are in balance, miracles can happen. The biggest shift is that I feel all nature is in harmony and balance with me and with all humans.
My unconditional love for nature and human beings makes me feel full of love. I express my feelings for everything and feel unconditional love for every being in existence. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to find themselves, love themself, and others on this planet.
When Transcending Dimensions crossed my path, I'd been going through several years of one of the most emotionally painful periods of my life. I'd done a lot of healing work and made significant progress, but there were places I couldn't seem to 'transcend' no matter what I tried. Through a series of synchronicities, I found Riya's light language article on Medium, and from there I ended up on the Transcending Dimensions page. Even though I had no personal experience of Starseeds, the Akashic Records, light language, or almost any of the other things Aeron and Riya live and teach, and I didn't even know what a 'highest timeline' was, I've always been pulled towards the unseen, and something about the programme drew me in. I didn't know if, or how, it could help me, but almost on a whim I signed up for the introductory call, and the next day I enrolled.

The first few months were really intense for me. I had a couple of very old patterns to release, and it was pretty rough going, but Aeron and Riya offered support from their own experience as well as tools to navigate and take ownership of the releasing and healing. All throughout, they emphasised the importance of learning these tools not just for ourselves, but so we could take them out into the world and help others. Their teaching is thorough, clear, and loving. My work as an artist doesn't directly use such tools, but what I learned, and the ways in which I healed, have absolutely had an impact on my various roles and relationships, and deepened and expanded the work I do.I experienced more than one significant shift, but the biggest one was releasing a pattern I'd been carrying about not wanting to be visible or take up space. It had manifested over and over my entire life, in all sorts of ways, and impacted relationships, work, and my general experience of living in the world. Since Transcending Dimensions, I find I'm now able and even comfortable to do things that almost sent me into panic attacks before. For example, I was absolutely terrified to do one to one sessions with clients; now they are one of my favourite parts of my work! So many more possibilities have opened up, and I just feel different in myself. It's been a journey of discovery and wonder, once I got past the clear out! I know there were others in the group whose work directly relates to the methods and type of energy work Aeron and Riya do, but even if yours doesn't, this is a deep and powerful process that - if you're willing to go all in - can change your life in profound ways, at every level and in every area. {After all, it's all connected!} I would recommend the programme to anyone with a curiosity about, or desire to deepen their connection with, the unseen worlds we all have access to, and in particular if you're ready to heal the things you've been carrying that have been holding you back and causing you pain.



applications closed
  • 6 month journey of reprogramming yourself for abundance
  • Full day live event to kick start your transformation journey
  • 12 live Quantum instruction sessions with Riya and Aeron
  • 12 live group coaching sessions with Aeron or Riya
  • Powerful energetic upgrades and activations done on your field by our Galactic Team
  • Lifetime access to recordings of all transmissions​
  • Personal support from Aeron and Riya in a private group
  • Bonus Session 1: Lemurian, Atlantean and Mayan Technologies to Bring The Ancient Wisdom into the New Earth
  • Bonus Session 2: The Divine Union
  • Alive, Aligned and Abundant Galactic Codes Megapackage - BONUS if paid in full

Book an enrolment consultation to find out whether the programme the right type of support for your highest timeline. Finance options available.


applications closed
  • 6 month custom-tailored journey of reprogramming yourself for abundance
  • Full day live event to kick start your transformation journey
  • 12 live Quantum instruction sessions with Riya and Aeron
  • 12 live group coaching sessions with Aeron or Riya
  • Powerful energetic upgrades and activations done on your field by our Galactic Team
  • Lifetime access to recordings of all transmissions​
  • 6 x Individual Akashic and ancestral clearing sessions with Aeron or Riya
  • Individual Starseed Reading with Aeron
  • Unlimited individual voice and text support from Aeron and Riya via Voxer
  • Bonus Session 1: Lemurian, Atlantean and Mayan Technologies to Bring The Ancient Wisdom into the New Earth
  • Bonus Session 2: The Divine Union
  • Alive, Aligned and Abundant Galactic Codes Megapackage

Book an enrolment consultation to find out how we can customise the journey for your highest good. Finance options available.


I felt like I had done alot of work, but there was still something missing..... still patterns not allowing me to move forward. When I read the description of Transcending Dimensions it felt like a final purging and a upwards motion. And so it was that. I released and filled back up!! I received alot of tools for doing my own shadow work and ways to better connect shadow work for others. Also tools like the use of the akashic records and untieing attachments to past life times. I really enjoyed the community of others like me all working towards a common goal of bettering ourselves and being able to share openly. Riya and Aaron are so natural and authentic I loved being in a course where I could see and know the hearts of the ones leading are true and pure intention. They do it from love ❤️ I totally would recommend this program.
Megan Hill
It’s an absolutely life changing program recommended for everyone!!! Strap yourself in and get ready!!! It’s all so powerful, moving, transitioning and uplifting in every way!!!
Heather Lucas
I was attracted to the program because it wasn’t the same-old-same-old. It was all new information to me, and fascinating to me. I started my own “energetic” journey a couple months before and this course would become my foundation going forward. I was ready to go beyond mindset, which I now realize is only one small part of the bigger picture. Aeron and Riya overdelivered on this program. They spent an incredible amount of time preparing and sharing their knowledge and gifts with us. When something specific came up, they were quick to add to our library with whatever tools were needed. What changed for me was my deep understanding of energy, how we are connected to the Universe on an unfathomable scale, how we have the ability to call upon help and guidance in any moment - and how to access that help and guidance. I felt like this program created a new level of sovereignty for me and I couldn’t be happier about it. What changed in my life is the deep understanding of how I create my reality. TD gave me the tools to get back to my baseline and grow from there. The deprogramming around relationships with men was the biggest gift I left TD with. And as a woman with two adult sons and a partner, this was so worth it to me. I would recommend the programme to anyone who is ready to learn more about energetics, someone who craves sovereignty, or anyone who is ready to go beyond mindset and work at a totally new level on their personal development and ascension journey.
Lisa Drake
I felt called to the program to help me heal trauma i’ve been carrying round for 20+ years. I wanted to better myself and change my mindset to stop me feeling so depressed and anxious all the time. I also wanted to learn more about the metaphysical world.I experienced alot of shifts and transformations which i felt on a physical level and an energetic level. My life started to change an I was able to clear alot of trauma and energetic blocks that were holding me back. I noticed my reality began to change almost straight away for the better through me raising my vibration and changing my frequency.I would recommend the program to anyone who is ready to do some deep energetic work, who is stuck at a crossroads and want to heal and better themselves but not sure how to do it, and anyone looking to expand their knowledge about the metaphysical world.The way the program was delivered was brilliant and both Riya and Aeron are great teachers you always make sure everyone is on the same level of understanding and everyone feels comfortable .
Joe Needham
I've been active in Healing and Light work since 1994. In early 2021 I found Quantum Club which was the perfect stepping stone with new skills, energy and healing concepts. As we grow we tend to upgrade. Transcending Dimensions was the perfect and defining next step. I found the answers to my personal foundation in a way that I hadn't in 28 years. I found a confidence i hadn't known, confirmation in many things I did know, and growth in what felt like leaps! I don't feel it matters what stage you are at, how much processing work (shadow work) you've done or how much experience you have behind you. This program will help you to expand and take you to the next level and beyond. I'm so incredibly grateful to have found Aeron and Riya, and for their unending faith and integrity. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. 💖🙏
Claudia Dale


Energy worker & channel to Galactic Light Beings

Aeron Lazar is a multidimensional mystic, an energy worker, and a spiritual mentor. Using his psychic abilities to access  the Akashic Records, Aeron specialises in assisting clients in clearing past incarnation and ancestral karma and trauma in order to move into harmony and enjoy abundance on all levels.

Because of his aptitude to transmit messages and energy from Beings of Light, Aeron Lazar is also an ambassador to many Galactic Star Nations. He frequently interacts with the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, and the Galactic Federation of Light, channeling their energies and sharing their cutting-edge consciousness technology to accelerate individuals’ ascension journeys through powerful coded upgrades.


Starseed & Light Language Activator

Riya Loveguard is a Spiritual Activator, Energy Worker, and an Ambasador for Star Races. Riya regularly uses her unique ability to channel potent Galactic frequencies in the form of Light Languages to help people design an abundant and purposeful life.

Riya’s teachings center around building a strong and intimate connection with your Higher Self – the version of yourself that is unmarred by human experience and filled with unadulterated love, wisdom and compassion directly from Source. 

Integrating her extensive business background with her spiritual abilities, Riya also assists entrepreneurs and conscious creators in formulating business strategies and solutions that are in energetic alignment with the 5D frequency of abundance.


Frequently Asked Questions about the programme

Transcending Dimensions journey is energetically intense for both ourselves and the participants. Therefore we run it only once every year. Applications for 2024 edition are now closed, the following group starts in January 2025. Enrolment will open in October 2024.

The theory sessions always take place on Wednesday. During the Descent (first 4 sessions) they will take place at 7 pm Costa Rica time, and during the Ascension & Embodiment at 9 am Costa Rica time.

The coaching support calls will have 3 options to choose from to cater for Europe / Africa, Americas, and Asia / Australia time zones. You will be able to change into another group if your schedule changes.

The full schedule of the sessionś will be provided a month before the start of the programme.

Time conversion links will be provided before every session. 

We encourage you to attend sessions live whenever possible, especially the live coaching / Q & As that take place after each session. However, if you can’t make it live, rest assured that all the energies will be retained in the recordings. You can also leave us a question on the support group and receive a personal answer. If you can’t be with the group live, you will still make the most of the programme if you keep the momentum and make a commitment to watch the recordings before the next session is published.

Every week the group sessions will take approximately 2 hours. We will have two hours for the transmission and activations one week, and 1.5-2 hour for the live coaching and support the other week. However, you will be required to integrate the teachings and energetic upgrades received which means allowing yourself time to rest, journal, and for introspection. Some of the energy work will be very intense and may be tiring on your physical body. This is a part of the process. This is not a Course so you will not need to memorise anything but allow yourself to experience the shift and rest whenever your body asks for it.

Our intention is that every single soul committed to this transformative journey completes it, therefore we encourage you to join only if you feel comfortable with the investment required: in terms of money, energy and time. However, we understand that money can flow into your life in different patterns, therefore we have various finance options which we can discuss during the enrolment consultation. If you would like to take advantage of extended payment plans, make sure to enrol early!

Transcending Dimensions journey is energetically intense for both ourselves and the participants. Therefore run this programme only once a year. If you are wondering whether you can make the commitment now, ask yourself the real reason WHY. What is actually holding you back from embarking on a journey of transformation? Will it be in your highest good to wait 9-12 months?

No, come as you are! Transcending Dimensions uses advanced Quantum technology, but is available to anyone, at any stage of their spiritual development journey. The only prerequisite is your commitment to truly leave the outdated, dysfunctional 3D programmes behind and your readiness to call in the life you have always dreamt of.

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