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What would your day look like if abundance was easy?

If instead of pushing, hustling and grinding yourself down, you could just effortlessly shift into a state of flow and attract the life of your dreams, as if by magic?

You may be thinking: could it really be that easy? Does magic even exist?

Let me tell you, Galactic Consciousness Technology is the closest thing to magic you will ever experience!

That’s right! When you allow Galactic Frequencies and Codes to work with your energy field, you will experience powerful shifts in your reality almost immediately!

When you receive GALACTIC CONSCIOUSNESS TECHNOLOGY CODES, they will instantly start working deeply within your energy field, on every dimension of your being.

You will experience profound breakthroughs in every area of your life with these advanced Galactic tools and energetic upgrades!

These are the exact codes we activated in our own energy field to step into our divine purpose, manifest the life of our dreams and live in the highest state of flow, abundance, health and happiness!

We are now sharing them with you, so you can unlock your divine potential and step into the life of your dreams!


Galactic consciousnesss technology and energetic codes can help you rewire your perception and attitude in every area of your life and help clear your blocks. Sometimes we can get in our own way, sabotage our happiness as our subconscious programmes run against our goals and desires.

The codes will re-align your wavelength and your energy field. It is like getting a re-map done on your car – it’s fine tuning your frequency. It is like reprogramming your central processing unit on an energetic level.

What you will experience in the days and sometimes weeks after receiving an upgrade is that your perceptions and your thought processes begin to change as do your actions. The new energy that you resonate out into the field begins to draw in a new reality for you in that area and things physically begin to change in your reality. Some of the changes can be subtle whilst others can be true breakthroughs.


There is a vast number of energetic codes and they can help you in every area of your life!


These codes help to rewire your perception and attitude towards money. They will help clear your blocks, have the ability to charge for your worth, people feeling value, people feeling appreciative of your products and your work...


Relationship codes just allow you to connect easier with people around you, helps to remove blockages within you on an emotional level so you can enjoy relationships more.


Those subtle codes of inner healing will help you recover quicker on every level: mentally, physically and spiritually.


These codes will activate wisdom with business decisions, directions to take business in, reach of the business. What you put out there will resonate better with the field of your marketplace!


These codes will boost your inner courage and clear some of the fundamental blocks which stop people from following their destined path.


The codes of divine shielding will help protect your energy field. It will feel like an energetic armour that is going to protect you and maintain your pure heart.

Abundance Activation Package

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Arcturian Codes of Divine Love!

As we move through our day to day, we can accumulate a lot of blocks around our self-worth. This results in feeling unworthy or undeserving of love on a deep, subconscious level. Often, this is the cause of our problems with building relationships and giving and receiving love. These energetic codes override those programmes within your energy field to open up a new chapter.
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Arcturian Codes of Financial Abundance!

This set of codes rewires your perception and attitude towards money. It will help clear your blocks to financial abundance. It will assist you in getting to know your worth and your value and having the ability to charge for your worth. Additionally, it will rewire your field in a way where people you work for, your clients, colleagues, bosses will also perceive your value, love your work or your business and feel appreciative for your input.

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Arcturian Codes of Inner Healing!

This set of codes assists with clearing any deep-rooted unpleasant emotions and trauma that might still reside in our energetic field. Say goodbye to all these subconscious blocks once and for all.

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Arcturian Codes of Synchronicity

This potent activation rewires your personal energy field to unfold a 3D reality of unmistakable synchronicities. These will lead to incredible outcomes where there are the right people, opportunities and decisions coming in with divine timing. You will effortlessly step into your Divine Quantum Flow, which is a feeling like the Universe is constantly working with you and not against you.

This powerful code package also includes

Choose the best option for you:

Abundance Activation Package

$ 222
  • Arcturian Codes of Divine Love
  • Arcturian Codes of Inner Healing
  • Arcturian Codes of Financial Abundance
  • Arcturian Codes of Synchronicity
  • Pre and Post-Activation Instructions
  • Bonus: New Earth Manifestation Immersion

Alive, Aligned & Abundant Megapackage

$ 444
  • Arcturian Codes of Divine Love
  • Arcturian Codes of Inner Healing
  • Arcturian Codes of Financial Abundance
  • Arcturian Codes of Synchronicity
  • Pre and Post-Activation Instructions
  • Bonus: New Earth Manifestation Immersion
  • Arcturian Codes of Creativity
  • Lyran "Elevate" Wings Activation
  • Unique Expression Activation
  • Pleiadian Light Quotient Increase
  • Sirian Protective Shielding
  • BONUS 1: Guided Manifestation Immersion
  • BONUS 2: Your Soul's Essence Activation
aeron lazar


Energy worker & channel to Galactic Light Beings

Aeron Lazar is an Akashic Records Expert, an energy worker and a channel to Galactic Light Beings such as the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, and many more.

As a spiritual teacher with full-blown psychic gifts, Aeron Lazar channels Galactic frequency codes. hese codes work with every aspect of a person’s 3D reality and assist in creating a lifetime of abundance and fulfilment.


Starseed & Light Language Activator

Riya Loveguard, or as her Guides call her “Riya”, is an energy worker whose mission on Earth is to activate and equip other Starseeds, Lightworkers, Healers, Creatives and Conscious Entrepreneurs. 

Riya channels Arcturian, Sirian, Pleiadian, Lyran and Lemurian,  frequencies using Sound Technology, or so-called Light Language. Riya’s Light Language transmissions contain powerful Galactic frequencies aimed at unlocking your full divine potential and rewiring you for the most amazing  experience in the 3D reality.

Riya LoveGuard

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riya loveguard & aeron lazar