How to Thrive in The New Earth

Prepare for the New Era

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Welcome to the Era of Transformation

2024 marks the beginning of two decades of unprecedented changes and opportunities. We have officially entered Period 9 according to Chinese metaphysics – a time for spiritual awakening, growth, and profound transformation.

The metaphysical realm, with all the unconventional tools labelled as “woo” will finally come to the forefront of the collective consciousness!

It’s a huge opportunity… but also a challenge!

Because what worked in the last few decades as a “winning strategy” will now become untimely and fade into insignificance. The standard 3D ways that we have grown accustomed to will no longer provide a pathway to success and happiness. That goes especially for career choices, business operating procedures, investment strategies.

Those who are sticking to the old paradigm will quickly fall behind those who are brave enough to embrace the new energies and make choices in alignment with how the planet is shifting.

And of course, we want you to be counted in that latter category.

This is the dawning of the Golden Age

Are you ready to take the front row seats?   We are on the cusp of a transformational shift that will change the trajectory of human history and we want to make sure you thrive in this new space!

Because we are moving into a higher band of consciousness, the preparation is not about gathering material resources, but getting your energetic house in order. Starting with discovering the treasure trove of your dormant spiritual abilities & mastering the world of energy.

This is a rare opportunity to energetically prepare to become a multidimensional pioneer of a New Dawn of The Ages for Humanity –  a historic moment in planetary evolution. This training and activation will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to embrace the birth of The New Earth. 

Meet The Architects of Destiny


Aeron Lazar is an Akashic Records Expert, Starseed Mentor, and Channel to Galactic Beings. A modern-day wizard with a divinely-given talent for protecting, encouraging, enlightening, and healing individuals on their spiritual journey to ascension.

Aeron’s skills and experience in the Quantum Field combined with his down-to-Earth, practical attitude make him a forefront coach for Lightworkers & Starseeds.

Aeron’s ascension journey was not an easy one. Even though his psychic abilities first came online over two decades, it took a Dark Night of the Soul and a painful loss of his business for him to embark on the journey back to his Higher Self.

Today, Aeron combines his practical down-to-Earth attitude with spiritual gifts to help people discover their planetary mission and create a life of freedom, abundance, happiness, and purpose.


Riya Loveguard is a spiritual activator, energy worker and a 5D business strategist and coach.

Riya is renowned as the “Galactic Linguist,” since she has the rare ability to channel multiple Galactic Light Languages (and counting) and activate the same skill in her students. Riya also speaks languages of forgotten human cultures like Lemuria and Atlantis or the Mayan Empire.

Riya employs these energy frequencies, as well as other Quantum tools and modalities, to assist New Earth leaders in developing profitable, long-term, and meaningful business solutions and financial affluence that reconciles entrepreneurship with spirituality.

Riya also uses her extensive expertise operating both online and offline businesses to assist entrepreneurs and spiritual practitioners alike in developing strategies that allow them to live the life of their dreams by embracing their divinely-given abilities.

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