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Your own personal timeline of absolute abundance already exists in the Quantum Multiverse. It is a reality where you are living an existence free of stress and limitations. It is a life in which you are happy, expressing your passions, gifts, and talents, and doing what you were born to do here on Earth as a limitless Soul.

The question is: how do you tap into this timeline to bring it down to Earth and anchor it firmly in your existence?

Accessing this timeline involves two distinct types of deep energetic work. When you use both of these methods simultaneously – you get maximum impact and Quantum, instant shifts.

First method of energetic work is to identify and remove any obstacles that block the flow of energy. These can be linked to your early childhood programming, ancestral patterns, experiences from previous lifetimes, karmic ties and bonds that result in distortions in your energy field.

Second method is to use channelled energy from higher dimensions to upgrade and rewire your energy field and subconscious mind for the optimal flow of energy. Once these energetic upgrades integrate into your field, you will open yourself up to a flow of creativity, opportunities, income, vitality, new people and exciting experiences into your life.

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How to identify and remove energetic blocks to abundance with Aeron Lazar


The 5D Abundance Blueprint Activation with Riya Loveguard

Bio Riya Marta Loveguard


Akashic Records Expert & Multidimensional Psychic

Aeron Lazar is a multidimensional spiritual leader, psychic development mentor and an energy worker. Aeron specializes in providing assistance in clearing past incarnation and ancestral karma and trauma in order to move into harmony and enjoy abundance on all levels. Aeron utilises his psychic abilities to read his clients’ energy fields, access their Akashic Records and uncover generational patterns holding them from living the life of their desires.

Aeron Lazar is also an ambassador to many Galactic Star Nations due to his ability to transmit messages and energy from Beings of Light. He frequently interacts with the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, and the Galactic Federation of Light, channeling their energies and sharing cutting-edge consciousness technology to accelerate people’s ascension journeys through high dimensionsal coded upgrades.


Spiritual Activator & 5D Business Strategist

Riya Loveguard is a Starseed and Light Language Activator, a conscious business coach and Star Races’ Ambassador to Planet Earth. Using her unique ability to channel potent Galactic frequencies in the form of multiple Light Languages and working closely with the Arcturians, the Lyrans, the Sirians and other Galactic Beings, Riya assists people in creating an abundant and purposeful life path.

Riya’s passion is teaching how to connect with your Higher Self, which is the version of yourself that is free of three dimensional limitations and full with unadulterated love, wisdom and compassion.

Entrepreneurs and conscious creators rely on Riya’s expertise in business and spirituality to help them develop strategies and solutions that are in harmony with the 5D frequency of wealth.


Riya LoveGuard

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