Repogram Your Energy Field for Abundance with Aeron Lazar and Riya Loveguard

Repogram Your Energy Field for Abundance with Aeron Lazar and Riya Loveguard

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Transcending Dimensions

Ready for a full system upgrade? Check out Transcending Dimensions, a 6-month journey of 5D embodiment, where we go through the process described in this podcast episode together and rewire your energetic field for full abundance and flow.

Rewire your energy field for abundance

Long before Aeron Lazar awakened to his mission as a multidimensional psychic, channel and energy worker, he had qualified as an electrician.

Reprogramming your energetic field for abundance and electrical work have many similarities.

When Aeron worked as an electrical contractor, clients used to come to him for three things: fault finding, testing and inspection, and rewiring. Fault detection was required when something went wrong and the customer didn’t know what’s causing it. Tracing numerous threads and checking multiple wires to figure out what was causing the power circuit to trip was generally the most time-consuming. But the solution was generally simple once the cause of the problem was recognized.

It is no different when it comes to re-programming a person’s energy field for abundance. The main difference is that Aeron’s ability to read Akashic Records and energy fields allows him to quickly locate the energetic obstacles, without the need to crawl through lofts and basements.

These energetic obstacles are frequently related to previous lives, ancestral trauma, or karma, and may entail releasing any links, bonds, energetic seals, or anything else that is preventing the optimal flow of energy into your world.

When all of the old programs are removed from your field, it leaves a void, thus the next step is to recode and rewire it. What you can do then is install fresh programming that is beneficial to you and your Higher Self.

The greatest part is that, like with dealing with electrical energy, the effects are immediate. You turn on the light switch, and the energy begins to flow. Then very real, tangible changes begin to manifest in your world.

This episode of the Architects of Destiny Podcast is going to show you step by step how you can rewire your energy field for limitless flow of prosperity, health, and love.

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