Why Mayans built pyramids: discovering the secret purpose of the Mayan cities

Aeron Lazar

January 1st, 1983 is considered the official birthday of the internet. What I am about to describe to you is that the Mayan civilisation created a version of the Internet over 1500 years ago. They did so without any cables, harnessing the power of natural energies and consciousness via the construction of pyramids. 

The Internet is a frequency field of information that the device you’re reading this article on is connected to right now. Our devices are external. The Mayans used internal devices (their pineal glands) and carefully and purposely designed building structures, such as the pyramids, to access a field of information that they themselves created. 

If this surprises you, it did me also, in fact I was speechless and had goosebumps when I received this download of information from the Quantum Field!

chichen itza aeron lazar

Why the Mayan civilisation disappeared?

The Mayan Civilisation disappeared suddenly without a trace of war or disease. Their cities gradually emptied one by one, starting from the South in what we know as Guatemala. The civilisation continued to thrive in the North, at the Yucatan peninsula, but eventually the Mayan cities in this region were also abandoned. It is estimated that between 10 and 20 million people vanished and are unaccounted for. Their history has been a mystery with many competing theories as to what happened to them.

Some researchers name reasons such as overpopulation, environmental changes, a serious drought, continued armed conflicts or changing trade routes as reasons for the collapse of the Mayan civilisation. At the same time, Mayan descendants believe that their ancestors went ‘home’ to their Gods. Some theorists interpret this as a prompt, that the Mayans ascended to different dimensions, perhaps with the help of extraterrestrials. What I have discovered may help to shed some light on this ancient mystery. 

ancient mayan pyramid - energetic portals

The Mayans left behind more than just impressive buildings

Myself and my wife Riya were drawn to visit Yucatan in Mexico. This area has several ancient Mayan pyramid sites dotted around. We did not know what to expect as we had no extensive knowledge about the Mayan civilisation prior to our trip.

Our experience started as soon as our aircraft began descending to Cancun airport. When Riya first spotted the flat, jungle covered land from the aircraft window, she immediately felt a hot flush of energy and got a download of an ancient language. Now, this is not new for Riya as she can channel pretty much any energy in the form of sound, but what was more fascinating is when we found out that the sounds she started emitting, reassembled the sounds of ancient Mayan language. The land itself spoke to us before we even set a foot on it.

We realised immediately that the Mayans were a consciously awakened race and that each of their cities, temples and pyramids are built on top of, or near to, naturally occurring energetic portals. 

This is why we had one of the most remarkable metaphysical experiences. It was physically overwhelming at times as the energy could literally be felt in the air. When you approach the sacred sites it is all around you, it’s tangible and it’s STRONG!

We felt waves of energy as we approached the area close to the town of Valladolid where several ancient sites were located. The energy became so overwhelming that on three separate occasions, I had to pull the car over to the side of the road as I couldn’t think clearly and it was physically overwhelming. 

I could feel an intense pressure in my head and upper chest, as if the energy was flowing through me from the cosmos to Gaia. Several times I had to consciously ground this energy as the intensity was off the scale. Finally, Riya who is naturally more connected and grounded to Gaia took over the steering wheel and we arrived at Valladolid.

As we sat having a spot of lunch before we set off to the first pyramid site, we connected to wifi and looked at a map of the pyramid sites. It was at this point I got a huge download and could see there were lines of energy connecting each of the pyramid sites and each pyramid was built upon an energetic portal. 

foto mayan pyramids

Mayan history wasn’t recorded in stone alone

Download after download began to flow and I could see that each Mayan generation added to these energetic ‘pipelines’ of information consciously. Generation after generation consciously built on the knowledge of their ancestors and the lines becoming stronger and more intense as time went on. These energetic lines of information can be considered the first ‘broadband internet lines’ containing all of the Mayan history, culture and information.

When the Spanish invaded and brought Catholicism to Central America, Mayan documented history was erased when on 12 July 1562 a Spanish bishop, Diego de Landa held a ceremony to burn a number of Maya codices and approximately 5000 Maya cult images. Only three pre-Columbian books of the Maya language are known to have survived.

Although their books were burned and much of their history remains a mystery, I have been shown very powerfully, that ALL of their history is contained within the ley lines of energy connecting each of their ancient pyramid sites. We need only to tap into it, in the same way that the Mayans did. Contained within these lines are all of the lost codices.

I was also shown that as our third eyes are our receivers for this consciousness field, those with closed / calcified pineal gland) cannot sense or interpret this energy and information. 

mayan pyramids - aeron lazar

The Temple of Ek Balam

This explains why both myself and Riya could feel the intense build up of energy getting stronger and stronger the closer we were got to the first site at Ek Balam, whilst other people walking around the ancient site seemed unaffected. Being consciously open and sensitive to energy, we could physically feel the ancient site’s intoxicating power and it felt like being drunk on sheer energy. 

The intensity kept increasing at this point and it was almost as if the structure that I was standing in front of, was focussing or intensifying the energy in some way. 

It got even stronger as we started climbing the main pyramid in Ek Balam. Our heads were spinning and we were both swaying. We had to take many breaks on the way up. We felt so overwhelmed, that we started to worry about getting back down and avoiding rolling down the steps and injuring ourselves in the process.  

At the same time, we noticed that other tourists seemed completely unaffected by the energy, even at the very top of the pyramid! They were admiring the view and talking about dinner options for that evening. 

‘How can these people not FEEL this’? – we said to one another in disbelief, taking deep breaths and absolutely overcome by the potency of the energy.

When we sat on the very top, it became clear to me that there was a huge amount of energy rushing up the Pyramid from the vortex nearby and shooting out of the top of it, directly upwards towards the stars like a beam. This explained why climbing the pyramid steps on all fours was like holding onto an upside down waterfall, where water (energy) was rushing to the sky!

I can’t adequately put into words how it felt. My mind felt like it was about to short circuit, as the energy was rushing through my body. Riya felt the same.

We looked out at the 360 degree view of the perfectly flat landscape and could see that around the main pyramid were smaller structures, platforms and pyramids. Using inner sight from my third eye, I could see lines of energy running away from the pyramid I was sitting on top of, over the surface of the earth in the direction of the other Pyramid sites in the region. This was a bigger – ‘intercity’ network of energy. Also I could see thinner lines of energy connecting each of the structures around our location in a smaller sub-network.

This means that there is a larger grid of energy connecting all of the Pyramid sites, plus a smaller grid on each site, which connects all of the structures at a particular city to one another. 

mayans energy

Spiritual Guide to the Mayan Pyramids

As I tuned out from the sounds of tourist guides telling people the number of steps, the height of each pyramid and other “hard facts” about the physical remains of the Mayan civilization, I got a download of information, directly channelled from the Ancient Mayan Elders. It was the equivalent of having a personal spiritual guided tour of the Sacred Sites.

I could see that Mayan Gods came from the stars. I could see that the Mayans built these pyramids to amplify the energy in each natural portal and direct it towards the stars to connect them with their Gods.

I could see that during ceremonies, they used to ‘channel the Gods’ and either the indigenous priest, a ‘seer’ or a leader would channel messages using their consciousness in the same way we channel today! The only difference was that the Mayans believed that they were communicating with their Gods. But they were getting wisdom from within the area we now know to be called The Quantum Field.

As I walked around the site, having climbed down very slowly from upon the Pyramid, I was able to look at architectural parts of the site and instinctively know what they were used for. For instance I could see various troughs carved out of stone and knew immediately that these were for drinking water and it was the full time job of certain individuals during that time, to transport water from the Cenote (water hole) below, to the troughs, ensuring at all times there was drinking water in them for people who lived within the complex. This was a physically demanding role, but these people were held in high esteem in society as the bringers of life (water).

There is an old structure in front of the main pyramid, hidden behind a couple of large trees was. it looked like the base of a circular tower with foundations around three feet deep. below the surface of the Earth. I had the urge to climb inside and stand in this circular structure. The energy there was very strong but felt different. Instead of feeling instead pressure in the forehead area like at the pyramid itself, we could both feel this energy coming up from the ground and through our legs, hands and chest. At that stage our bodies were at the limit of how much energy they could take, so we decided to head back to our accomodation and start the integration process. We had another day ahead of us the following day in Chichen Itza.

ancient Mayan language

Chichen Itza – the Kukulkan Pyramid

Chichen Itza is the largest and most frequented Mayan complex in the area of Yucatan. We set off early the following morning as we had heard about the crowds that visit the site every day.

As we arrived, I was grateful that we had experienced the intensity of a less-visited site at Ek Balam the previous day. I was struck by the sheer volume of hawkers and people trying to pull parking and ticketing scams. I did not want a sombrero the first time I was asked, let alone the 169th time around two hours later. Thankfully most of the hawkers and sellers were only just setting up shop when we arrived, so we were spared the onslaught that visitors may have experienced later on in the day.

I am mentioning it just to highlight the contrast and dissonance of what is a highly conscious and spiritually charged site, combined with the low-dimensional practices that we see there today.

As we walked into the compound I began to reflect on what I was feeling energetically considering how strongly I’d experienced the energy the previous day at another site. As we approached the main pyramid, the energy was muted. It did not feel as strong as in Ek Balam and I reflected on the reasons for it. My consciousness was given the answer: the sheer volume of people that visit the site who are operating in a very three-dimensional way, with their collective consciousness level act like a drain on the energy held within the area. Holding the high frequency there is the equivalent of trying to contain water in a sieve: the water (energy) drains and is siphoned away.

As I walked around the main area with the main pyramid of Kukulkan, I zig-zagged through hoards of people and numerous guided tours being conducted in various languages.

Each of the tour guides would stop their group, gather them in a circle and get them to clap in unison. The acoustics of the Pyramid steps mean that the sound of each clap, zips up the steps and you can hear the echo in the chamber at the top. It seemed to be a party trick that all of the tour guides would do, to entertain people on their tour. 

So there I was, walking through a magnificent ancient site, pondering the Mayan as a consciously awakened civilisation, building their magnificent Pyramids and creating energy portals to connect to the Gods with their consciousness, whilst at the same time observing hundreds of hawkers and sellers shouting at people trying to sell sombreros, trinkets and souvenirs, groups of people taking selfies and clapping in circles like performing seals, whilst laughing at the echo the clap produced. I concluded that we have much work still to do as a collective in order to reach a tipping point for collective consciousness ascension. 

Chichen Itza - the Kukulkan Pyramid

The Sacred Cenote at Chichen Itzá

Despite the crowds and the energetic distortions created, we still had a strong spiritual experience. We have discovered that there is a Cenote located at this site with an energetic portal that was historically used for sacred and spiritual purposes.

As we walked away from the Kukulkan Pyramid, down the wide pathway which led to the cenote, we could sense and feel the energy building in our heads and bodies. As we approached, the energy got stronger and stronger, until we positioned ourselves within sight of the water in the cenote. 

We could sense this energy rushing upwards out of the water surface, up and over the sides of the cliff faces of the denote. We sat there and basked in its magnificent energy. There was some strength in this portal, although not as strong as we’d experienced the day before in Ek Balam.

As we began to walk away from the Cenote, back up the road to the main Kulukan Pyramid, we felt like the energy was flowing and pushing us from behind. It clearly flowed from the cenote, up the road and then into the main compound. 

Interestingly, in the Mayans white roads (sacbe), they included mica in the composition, laid underneath. It became clear to me that the purpose of this material was as a ‘conductor’ to allow the flow of energy between locations.

Immediately, I understood that the Mayans drew the energy from the portal at the Cenote, up the white road (sacbe) and straight up the steps of the Kukulkan pyramid. They funnelled a concentrated beam vertically upwards out of the very top of the pyramid, connecting them to their Gods. 

I realised that everything the Mayans constructed had a reason behind it: from the significance and type of the stone carvings, to the architecture, location, direction, size, everything had been carefully considered and planned.

mayan pyramids mexico

The Mayan buildings at Chichen Itza

We noticed as we walked around the entire complex, that the fewer people there were in any given location, the stronger the energies felt. The extremities of the Chichen Itza city had the fewest people and felt the strongest energetically. 

The city itself is remarkable: there are several platforms which look like landing pads for spacecraft, an astronomical observatory where they would watch the stars, calculate their calendars and energetic cycles as well as temples, accomodation, warrior remembrance halls and the largest stadium of its time in pre-hispanic America. 

Overall, the energy in Chichen Itza felt different, it was less spiritual than in Ek Balam. 

It felt, like it was the hub, where warriors were revered and remembered, great games were played as spectacles, day to day life was administered and sciences were advanced, whilst the outlying cities on other sites served more spiritual purposes. There was an energetic element to Chichen Itza with the portal at the Cenote, flowing up the white road to the great pyramid in the central complex, but the site was not constructed with the sole purpose of connecting the Mayans consciously to their Gods. 

mayans civilisation disappeared

Why Mayan civilisation ended?

What happened to the Mayan civilization? Why did 10 to 20 million people suddenly disappear without traces? Why do the descendants of the Mayan people say their ancestors went home?

Having seen and felt first hand, their mastery and understanding of energy,  I believe that they opened up a portal to another dimension and they left this world. 

Having seen their ‘Venus’ platforms resembling spacecraft landing pads, their stone carvings, their understanding of astrological cycles, their calendars and knowing they were a consciously awakened civilisation, it is clear to me, that they knew how to control and direct energy. I also strongly suspect that they have been in contact with other extraterrestrial Races and I am keen to speak to the Lyrans, the Sirians and the Arcturians about it.

I also believe the consciously created energetic lines which link all of their Pyramid sites contain all of their history and all of the answers.  You may be able to burn and destroy history books, but you can’t destroy a line of energy in the same way. These still remain untapped and unaltered, a pure version of events and truth, left by their consciousness, all of those linear years ago. As we consciously evolve, it is my belief that we will be able to read the information contained in the lines of energy, that connect each Pyramid and rediscover the entire Mayan history, every little detail of it. 

Picture of Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar is a multidimensional psychic, an energy worker and a spiritual teacher. Aeron specialises in the Akashic Realm, helping his clients clear past life and ancestral karma and trauma so they can move into alignment and experience abundance on every level.

Aeron Lazar is also an ambassador to various Galactic Star Nations due to his ability channel messages and energy of these Beings of Lights. He regularly works with the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians and the Galactic Federation of Light.

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2 years ago

Thank you for this thoughtful and real account of the Mayan civilisation. I could feel the energy as I read these words. I’m grateful to receive this and actually physically visit these sites.

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