Combining science, spirituality and nutrition for optimal health with Vanita K. Gupta

Vanita K. Gupta scince, spirituality, nutrion for optimal health

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In 2019, Vanita K. Gupta took the biggest leap of faith in her life. She walked away from a successful corporate career to focus on her passions in life: food as medicine and new ways of thinking in health and wellness.

Vanita holds a PhD in Molecular Biology, an MBA in pharmaceutical marketing, has 3 years of post-doctoral training in oncology, 8 peer reviewed publications and was a Medical Director leading scientific strategy in science communications for high profile institutions over a decade.
Vanita combines the world of science with deep spiritual knowledge and shares with us how to activate our bodies inner wisdom to reduce stress and anxiety, make better food choices and love the body we live in.

Vanita says: “Too often we disconnect from the body because it does not feel good. We spend time in our heads, chastising our bodies trying to shape it into something we think it should be, disconnected from its wisdom and enslaved by its biological systems designed to be addicted to food.
Humans and Starseeds alike struggle with body and this Earthly experience. And yet we can only ascend through the body, which requires us to be in our bodies.

Simple changes in consciousness and food choices based on bioindividuality can help you achieve optimal health so you can feel good in your body, while lightening your density and raising your vibration to move into new dimensions of existence.”

In this episode, we talk about how science is an integral part of the holistic approach to medicine and nutrition and how simple food choice can make a huge difference in our overall health and wellbeing.

Listen to Episode 3 with Vanita K. Gupta

Or watch Episode 3 with Vanita K. Gupta

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Rebecca Nedden
Rebecca Nedden
2 years ago

I am a registered nurse & Reiki practitioner nearing completion of my nurse practitioner studies (MSN-FNP) in the US, and I couldn’t agree more. I have been called to transform healthcare from the way it is known into a system that honors the entire being: uniting Allopathic medicine, Eastern medicine, and Ayurvedic medicine with the spirit on the quantum field. I would love to chat with you, even just as like-minded individuals with a passion to transform health & wellness.


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