Technology addiction – warning from the Orions

Riya Loveguard

HUMANITY IS IN GREAT DANGER. I’m lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, when all of a sudden I hear a static noise in my ears. Spiritual community refers to it as “ringing”, but it is more like hissing. A tell-tale sign that some energy is at work. It turns out that Light Beings from Orion are trying to connect with me. I only ever met them briefly, but they are straight to the point with their message.

Channelled message from the Orions 

“Humanity is in great danger”. I say it out loud as I hear it. Here we go. “Your DNA is changing rapidly”. I expect they will tell me about the global medical experiment. But no. This message is about something totally different.

I haven’t recorded the exact words as this transmission took me by surprise but the gist of it was that our genetic expression is being influenced by algorithms and machines. We are trained, day to day, to behave in a non-sovereign way.

 step by step - addiction to technology

How we become addicted to technology step by step? 

We have been conditioned to react to red dot notifications like Pavlov’s dog. Our necks, wrists and backs are getting twisted awkwardly as we engage with small devices. Our eyes are getting tired of constantly staring at screens. 

Even our creative side is under attack as we are being trained to please mysterious algorithms, just so that our expression (or as the machines taught us to refer to it: content) is pushed in front of more eyeballs.

Whilst we are all in the uproar over other more obvious attacks on our DNA sovereignty, these processes of altering human consciousness, body and genetic expression quietly creep in, day by day. Without any big announcements or protests.

Why did the Orions share this with me? The Orions are very technologically advanced, with technology such as AI at their disposal. They’re also masters of DNA. They can see from their Galactic perspective the trajectory we are on. And they believe that we need to become aware of it. 

And I know that you are probably already aware that you are spending too much time in front of the screen. So am I.

Don’t fall into feelings of guilt, don’t bash yourself about it.

manipulation and technology

Technology and manipulation – Your attention is the price

This is all by design. Your attention is a precious commodity that many businesses, platforms and advertisers are viciously competing for.

Additionally, all these technologies are preying on our very primal desire for human connection. As a result, we end up spending more and more time, seeking that connection, that sense of belonging and community. But we are never fully satisfied. Because it is simply not the same as real, face to face contact.

It reminds me a lot of the food industry that has removed all the nutrients from vegetables, fruits and grains so that even though we eat, we are never fully satisfied and have these uncontrollable cravings – a phenomenon that Vanita K Gupta first made me aware of when we interviewed her for The Architects of Destiny podcast. (check here)

Our addiction to devices is not really our fault. But it is totally our responsibility.

Once you grow awareness about what is at stake – your attention, your genetic expression, your mind’s sovereignty – you may begin to appreciate time away from screens and machines. 

The trap of content creators

You will perhaps start questioning: why have I got this urge to share what I eat, where I travel and what I do with the rest of the world? Doesn’t documenting everything take the joy away from living in the moment?

If you are a creative – or an entrepreneur – maybe you will change the way you start expressing yourself back to your original essence. You will connect with the Muse, rather than pushing your square peg of originality through the round hole of the algorithm. 

No judgement here. I’ve been there and also asked myself how to convey my message in under 7 seconds? And as easy as it would be to find a trending sound, do a dance and point at some text, I know that this is not my Soul’s true expression. I also don’t normally start talking to people with an “opening hook” like “Here’s what the (elite, gurus, marketers) don’t want you to know about” or “I don’t know who needs to hear this”. So next time you are tempted to jump on the bandwagon trend, just take a deep breath and ask yourself: is this how I want to express myself?

Once you grow awareness as to where your originality ends and where AI influence starts, you will become a creative master rather than a slave to the algorithm. And trust me, there is one thing that carries your message stronger than any trick: and that’s your authentic heart resonance. 

addiction technology

Overcoming technology addiction

Liberating yourself from technology addiction will require time and patience: like any other addiction. It will also take you on a journey of deep introspection as you start observing what actually causes you to seek constant interaction with electronic devices, whether you are looking for entertainment, guidance, education or just killing time

Asking yourself why and observing your emotions when you get a craving is a method that Libby Robbertson (Listen to: Overcoming Darkness To Lead With Light) used to overcome alcohol addiction and also a technique that Vanita K Gupta (Listen to: Combining Science, Spirituality And Nutrition For Optimal Health) teaches her clients to help them overcome unhealthy food cravings and snacking. 

My ways to break technology addiction  

What may also help when trying to claim your sovereignty back is also creating screen free space in key times. For me personally this sacred time away from devices is morning when I first wake up, meal times and evening before going to bed.

What helped me create sacred space for myself was making a list of all the things I could do in those times if I wasn’t scrolling through the feed or answering messages. I have done so the conditioning of “grab a phone” wouldn’t kick in. 

That’s right, I was so used to constantly relying on my phone that I had to make a conscious effort to come up with alternative things to do. 

Morning “phone replacements” included:


walking the dog, 

observing the birds over a cup of cacao, 


and journaling. 

Evening “before bed” activities:

would be reading my favourite fantasy books, 


speaking to my Guides.  

What are your views on technology addiction?

Are you ready to transform your relationship with devices? Are there any small changes you can implement today to create space for more freedom and in-depth connection with yourself, other people and with nature? Let me know in the comments!

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Riya Loveguard

Riya Loveguard is a Starseed Activator and Light Language Activator. Riya's mission is to awaken and equip Starseeds, Healers, and Lightworkers to fulfill their divine purpose.

Riya has been named the "Galactic Linguist" since she can speak numerous Extraterrestrial Light Languages, tell the origins of other people's Light Languages and activate the capacity to channel powerful Galactic frequencies in form of Light Languages in her students.

Riya is also a Quantum Business Strategist, bridging the gap between entrepreneurship and spirituality by teaching the energetics of business in a practical way and helping lightworkers translate their divine ability into buliding successful brands.

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