Grandmother Mulara on The Aboriginal ‘New Dreaming’ Prophecy

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“We are the cosmos dreaming of itself. There is no time. There is no death. Life is a dream. It’s a wish. Made again and again and again and again and again and again and on into eternity.” 

– Midnight Mass (TV Series, 2021)

The Aboriginal People of Australia have the longest recorded cultural history that still exists today. Before Europeans colonized the continent, no less than 600 different aboriginal peoples lived harmoniously on the land, following the songs of nature and abiding by laws set forth by their Spiritual Ancestors.

Although in Aboriginal culture, time is nothing but an artificial construct by man, some studies date Aboriginal tribes about 50,000 to 80,000 years back.

To the members of the civilization, however, they have always been on this planet in a time before time itself, in a period known to them as the “Dreamtime.”

What is Dreamtime?

During Episode 12 of the Architects of Destiny Podcast hosted by Aeron Lazar and Riya Loveguard, Grandmother Mulara, an Aboriginal Spiritual Counselor, Executive Coach, and Academic Consultant, explained the concept of Dreamtime.

She said that Dreamtime is when the Spiritual Ancestors created the landscapes, the flora, and fauna of the land and the different laws and structures of life that were to be followed by the people.

It is a time when the Ancestors created the rocks, soil, mountains, rivers, valleys, sky, sea, etc. and all the creatures and plants that thrived therein.

Dreamtime is basically the story of the origins of the universe, and the specifics of each Dreamtime can vary in every Aboriginal mob.

“The Dreamtime is when everything was created,” Grandmother Mulara explained. “Each of us has our creation story across the continent. So, the creation story of my country is a rock. I’m a rock person.”

“Earth started off as a rock and became a super-consciousness being through an impulse that came through the universe,” Grandmother Mulara explained. “And then, the impulse did its work. In this Dreamtime – this time before time, before time, before time, which is our creation story, we’ve come out of the rock to begin the story of our people.”

After the creation, the Ancestors disappeared – some transformed into the trees, rocks, mountains, watering holes, hills, and other forms of nature, still hiding in different sacred sites up to this day, which only the initiated Aboriginals could see.

Some Aboriginal lore says the Ancestors turned into forces of nature itself – as the rain, the wind, the lightning, the thunder, etc.

Thus, in Aboriginal lore, a tree, a cave, or a hill could either be a creation of the Ancestors or one of the Ancestors themselves. 

Grandmother Mulara, however, emphasized that Dreamtime is not to be confused with Dreaming.

What is The Dreaming? 

“Dreaming is a really strong, spiritual power,” Grandmother Mulara told Aeron Lazar and Riya Loveguard. “Dreaming is what carries us into that field of consciousness. It’s a super-field. It’s not 3D, it’s much more interdimensional. That’s the Dreaming.”

The Dreaming is the reason for the existence of the things created by the Ancestors.

It explains why a tree grows in a particular place, why a mountain is as tall as it is, why the moon visibly disappears from the sky every month, why koalas have grey fur – it explains the reasons for being of everything.

At the same time, the Dreaming is existing. It is living. It is being.

In the modern spiritual community, we can refer to it as travelling through the Quantum Field.

What is Dreaming Tracks or Songlines? 

Dreaming Tracks are a sort of repository, or a vault, in which the journey of the Spiritual Ancestors across the land is recorded. Dreaming Tracks are also called “songlines.”

Songlines or Dreaming Tracks trace sacred places and landmarks upon which Ancestral Beings moved throughout the land, and on their way, created the landscapes, animals, ridges, mountains, flowers, etc. 

Songlines contain different information that is essential for any traveler to follow along the way. This information contains different things like the creatures that live in a certain area, places to gather food, safe sites to sleep on, areas to avoid, and others.

But they do not solely contain information that pertains to physical matter or appearances of the land. Stored within these songlines are stories, customs, and laws upheld by the people in accordance with the will of the Ancestral Beings.

These Ancestral Beings or Spirit Ancestors include the Rainbow Serpent, Mimi Spirits, the Karatgurk or Seven Sisters of the Pleiades Stars, and Wandjinas.

“My Dreaming Track was a White Whale, and my story goes through Western Australia, then goes up through my country,” Grandmother Mulara said. “My country used to be underwater, but there’s the White Whale lives in the ocean, and then that goes out two ways North and towards Fraser Island. So, if you look at Fraser Island upside down, it’s all white sand. So that’s part of our White Whale Dreaming.”

“So, we travel on our Dreaming tracks,” she added.

A ‘New Dreaming’ Is Dawning

In the middle of the seemingly never-ending chaos that the world faces today, and on top of trying to heal their collective and generational trauma passed down through centuries as a civilization, the Aboriginals have been working behind the scenes for many, many years, for a huge shift of consciousness of the planet.

This huge consciousness shift or ”New Dreaming,” the Aboriginals call it, is on the horizon. 

A New Dream – a New Earth, is being created through the expansion of the consciousness field and that’s creating a whole bunch of other things, even though our landscape hasn’t changed, which is what our original Dreamtime stories were about,” Grandmother Mulara explained.

According to her, the New Dreaming is a time in the near future when humanity will walk together as one, regardless of age, sex, race, or creed. 

A time when political structures will crumble before our very eyes, and humanity will build new systems that are aligned with the expansion of its own consciousness.

“All of the false illusion is going to drop away, and the truth will be revealed. We’re on the edge of that coming through and I think that we will all realize how we’ve been duped, how we’ve been tricked,” she said.

In fact, we are now currently in a new Dreamtime period – where people are starting to “wake up” spiritually and reject the old, collective imprints and programming we have received since childhood. 

Things like social status, political beliefs, religion, and all the things that are used to divide us as people, are starting to crack in the present Dreamtime, as we collectively try to create this New Dreaming.

So, how can we contribute to this New Dreaming where the Earth will elevate into a higher plane of consciousness? 

How Can We Help Start The New Dreaming?

Grandmother Mulara said it all starts with taking responsibility for ourselves.

“We must all take responsibility. Take responsibility for your impact on the environment. The responsibility for healing your relations with each other. Take responsibility for your spiritual growth. So, in the time of the New Dreaming, we must all be really clear of our own energy field and connect to Mother Earth because she’s real,” Grandmother Mulara said.

Connecting to Mother Earth is a helpful way to raise the vibrational frequency of our collective consciousness, and this can be done through many things; among them is to learn to sing the song of the land.

“The land has got a song and there’s lots of places where it’s not being sung anymore. And I’m encouraging people to sing,” Grandmother Mulara advised.

“You don’t even need to know what the actual song is. You’ll feel if you’re in resonance with the land, you’ll feel it and you can hum it. You can make all sorts of sounds because our original language is not English,” Grandmother Mulara added.

“By singing the song of the land, by humming it in, you’ll actually start singing yourself up. You will expand in your own field of energy and consciousness,” she said.

Connecting to the Crystalline Grid of the Earth

By connecting to the Earth, specifically through the Crystalline Grid, which is the Earth’s “consciousness grid,” we can expand our personal energetic fields successfully, as well as help in raising the vibration of our planet.

“I’m encouraging people to go into the Crystalline Grid. And because the Earth is expanding and, the Crystalline Grid is humming and working and expanding, too” Grandmother Mulara urged.

She further said, “If you connect to the consciousness grid of Earth, you’ll find that you will expand more successfully. You’ll have less psychic fog, and you will have more clarity in your life and more clarity about the direction where we’re heading.”

Last, but certainly not least, despite the pain, sorrows, and trauma brought by our human experience, Grandmother Mulara said it’s important to open our hearts up and make room for healing.

This is something that the Aboriginal peoples are continuously working on, on top of working behind the scenes in preparation for the New Dreaming.

“We have had trauma and that trauma runs right through generation after generation, and it’s very difficult to deal with,” the spiritual leader said. “The colonizers, they murdered us and then took away our children and made us dependent on the State financially and took us off, kicked us off our homelands – but we’re still here.”

And the strength of the Aboriginal peoples despite turmoil, is not so far removed from the mission and responsibility collectively bestowed upon them by the Ancestral Beings – that is, to unite all people across all nations and lead them into a new, and harmonious way of living and co-existing.

“I am here to give people hope because I can see a future where we will walk together,” she said. “There will be great respect for our lore and our people can feel proud again and not have to be in conflict, but to be proud and to walk in alignment with their spiritual truth.”

The center of the New Dreaming, Grandmother Mulara said, will be in the land where creation itself sprung – Australia.

“Indigenous people around the world, mine included, know that if it hasn’t happened in Australia, it won’t be happening. So, what we say is that those who can’t have migrated to Australia, you will come home. This is what I’ve been told,” she declared.

“Those who feel the call to country, who feel the call to come to Australia, no matter what your background, your culture, your beliefs, we say you’ve come home,” Grandmother Mulara said.

The spiritual and consciousness expansion of the Earth is near and inevitable. For people who are looking to raise their vibrational frequency, it is a special time to shed the remaining imprints and bondages that are holding them back from reaching a higher version of themselves.

By consciously shedding these imprints, we may be better equipped to help humanity in the beautiful, yet core-shaking effects and consequences of the dawning of the New Earth – the New Dreaming.

It’s beautiful to think that it is through this New Dreaming, we will all, as a united race of people, truly wake up. 

Transcript - Grandmother Mulara On The Aboriginal ‘New Dreaming’ Prophecy

RIYA LOVEGUARD: Grandma Mulara, thank you so much for answering our invitation and coming on to the Architects of Destiny Podcast. Welcome to our audience. I first came across you very recently watching Charlie Ward’s podcast, and I stayed away connected to the wisdom, to the energy, and your wisdom is something that our audience needs, that’s why I decided to reach out to you and thank you so much for answering our invitation. Because as an Aboriginal grandmother, as a keeper of the lore, you have generations of knowledge behind you and wisdom. And for us, people who are perhaps just spiritually awakening in relative terms, to connect to that generational wisdom is such an absolute honor. And because we are here, we want to build a better world. We call it the New Earth, you call it a New Dreaming. And for us, it’s so important that the voice of the First Nation people is also heard in this space. So welcome to the Architects of Destiny podcast.

GM MULARA: Well, thank you for the invitation. It’s always good to speak to people who are keen to learn and to grow, particularly spiritually, and particularly at this time.

AERON LAZAR:          I’ve always been fascinated to aboriginal culture and you know, and it’s when you look back, looking at the history and you know you’ve got the evidence of this and I’m so interested in the spiritual aspect of this and I remember, when we lived in Australia for a time and we went to Broom and sort of we did like an Astronomy tour, and I found a sort of a snippet that the gentleman who was running this. He had permission from the custodian of the story. He’s one of the elders within that region, to be able to talk about, sort of the… stars but if you could explain to our listeners sort of what Dream Time would be for your culture and then maybe we can go into things like the song lines and history and things like that if that be okay.

GM MULARA: I think we need to go back to the beginning. You’re asking a lot questions.

RIYA LOVEGUARD: Let’s go back to the beginning, because obviously, the podcast is forward, about the New Earth but let’s start from the start.

GM MULARA: So, it seems important for Western culture to have a number of how many years our culture has been thriving, but really, we say, since the beginning of time, or since the dawn of creation, we’ve been here. In my country, so I come from the Northern – my lineage, one of my lineages comes through the Northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

That’s the Outback, true Outback, like in the center of Australia. And you know, we say that we’ve always been here. We had the dinosaurs roam in that country. We have Planetosaurus – whatever that’s called – scientists go out to our country. We’ve got areas you know, specifically cut off from the general public for the scientists to work with. We actually had the really big megafauna, you know huge wombats were 4 foot high and a huge dinosaurs, etc. So, we also had huge people – giants, but that’s another story.

So, you know, if we go back to the beginning and we say we’ve always been here and so the dawn of creation, that spark of creation that lit the Earth’s consciousness. Earth started off as a rock and became a super- consciousness being through an impulse that came through the universe. And then the impulse did its work and what we say is the Dreamtime. This is the Dreamtime, the time before time, before time, before time, in the beginning where creation began, and so we have our creation stories across the continent. So, the creation story of my country, which is rock.

So, I’m a rock person. So, we say that we are the rock people, we’ve come out of the rock to begin the story of our people.

Over on Brisbane now so on the East Coast of Australia, it’s (name) a rainbow serpent to start with and he’s now pictured as both Rainbow Serpent and a great Wedge-tailed Eagle. He was responsible for the stories of him marrying Mother Earth basically, that produced the children, by being a rainbow serpent to travel across the country in the landscape and make the formations. So, in our Dreamtime space, it was about all of the creation stories and now we say that’s our Dreaming.

So, our Dreaming is what carries us into that field of consciousness. It’s a super field. It’s not 3D, it’s much more interdimensional so that’s the dreaming and my dreaming. My personal Dreaming, it’s a dreaming track, so my dreaming track, which I don’t wanna get confused ’cause people like to hear about song lines but mine was the White Whale. And my story goes through Western Australia, then goes up through my country. My country used to be underwater, but there the White Whale lives in the ocean below the ocean, and so there’s that comes through underneath country and then goes out two ways North and towards Fraser Island. So, if you look at Fraser Island upside down, it’s all white sand. Yeah, so that’s part of our White Whale Dreaming.

So, we travel on our Dreaming tracks. In the Dream, so I’m, I’m assuming your audience has already kind of up with vibrational frequency.

RIYA LOVEGUARD: Yes, but we would probably call it the Quantum Field or the Unified Consciousness.


AERON LAZAR: Yes, yes. This is so fascinating. What do you say then that the Aboriginal history through Dreamtime, has been kind of recorded within this field of consciousness by the Aboriginals over eons? Did I get that right? Or am I on the wrong right track with that?

GM MULARA: What do you mean by recorded?

AERON LAZAR: The story is there basically and it kind of depicts the history from the creation all the way through.

GM MULARA: We’re in oral storytelling. So we didn’t record it, except we passed it on through the generations.

AERON LAZAR: So in relation to Dreamtime, does Dreamtime refer to the storytelling or is it a state of consciousness?

RIYA LOVEGUARD: Dreaming. A think we need to understand the difference between Dreaming and Dreamtime. 

GM MULARA: The Dreamtime is when everything was created, and we’re going through a new creation story. So, actually we are going through a new Dreamtime. So it’s a perfect question to ask, and you’re the only one that’s asked at, so you’re onto it. He knew the New Dreaming is in the Quantum Field. Thank you for that help with translation into this understanding in this world. We’re going through a new Dreamtime because we’re going through a New Dream, a New Earth being created through the expansion of the consciousness field and that’s creating a whole bunch of other things, even though our landscape hasn’t changed, which is what our original Dreamtime stories were about.

You know, we would teach our kids about the landscape and what the landscape teaches us, and our totems being the flora and fauna, trees, plants. All sorts of things, and so we use that as our teaching of how things came into existence, so the new Dreamtime is right now that all of us are co-creating. A new future and I’m calling it – or and I’ve been told to call it the New Dreaming so that we dream ourselves up into that field.

Dreaming is a really strong spiritual power, you know the lessons we have in our life as a mob, as a tribe. Our Dreaming story is a very important story ’cause it has both the story of creation but also the story of how to live the right way and how to keep everything alive. Which is our mission.

AERON LAZAR: The New Dreaming. Do you see this new world that we’re stepping into where everybody is stepping forward as one together? Is that something that you foresee?

GM MULARA: Okay, yes. So, Elders and my teachers – So I knowledge them all, the senior lore women who’ve gone before me who taught me and acknowledge those who are going to come after me – They taught me that we are entering, and in fact we’re in it, a New Dreaming that is coming. We’re in it now. So, the new dreaming is a time-ish where white filler, black filler will walk together. You know, red filler, yellow filler.

Together in the New Dreaming as one. 

Under our original lore, our Aboriginal lore or indigenous lore, depending on which part, how you use it here in the mainland. It’s Aboriginal and then we have the Torres Strait Islanders who were also indigenous but not Aboriginal, they are a different group of people. But an indigenous would encompass both. So the old people said to me, there will come a time when we will need to teach the people how to look after themselves, where people will need to take responsibility for themselves and not to further others.

Government, you know, parents, whatever – not deferring to them, but to take responsibility for yourself. So, the old way, when we had a lore woman like myself in a community and you broke the lore there’s a range of things that would happen but you could always say, “Oh well, you know, Auntie over there, she’ll look after it” or “Uncle, he’ll look after it,” if there’s been something done wrong they’re like the police, so to speak. And now we’re saying no, that can’t happen.

We must all take responsibility. Take responsibility for your impact on the environment is what is a really critical one and responsible. The possibility for healing your relations with each other. Take responsibility for your spiritual growth. But deferring it or going through a funnel of a particular guru. Let’s say ’cause the grandmother said the time of the guru is over and with no disrespect to gurus. What they mean is to not be in this funnel. It’s actually open up because where’s that funnel coming from? So, in the time of the New Dreaming, we must all be really clear of our own energy field and connect to Mother Earth because she’s real, yes?



GM MULARA: The magic is in the land. The lore is in the land and the magic is in the land.

RIYA LOVEGUARD: I would like to speak to you about that. And connecting to Mother Earth, because I am a woman and I’m actually more connected to the land than, let’s say, my husband who is more connected to the cosmos. But it happened to me on multiple occasions where I connected to the land, and I channeled it in the form of sounds. We call it Light Language, but I don’t really like the name.

But there was this one occasion when we went to Broom – for those of you who are not from Australia listening – it’s Northern part of Western Australia, and I stopped on beautiful rocks next to dinosaur footprints. It was very quiet because it’s not many people, there was just a quiet space.

I just thought about meditating, and I connected to what I believe was the spirit of the land. I start channeling sounds, language that didn’t sound very similar to what I heard on local indigenous radio that I listen to, and I felt like this language was a language that taught people the language. Or the spirit told people how to say it and it was welcome. It was very welcoming. It was almost like saying, it was expressing the love for the First Nation people both also expressing the love for people who respect the land.

AERON LAZAR: “You respect me, and you’re welcome here,” is the message that came through. It was amazing.

RIYA LOVEGUARD: Yeah, and it happened again here where I am in Costa Rica and a couple of weeks ago, we traveled to Mexico and I connected to the land there. As soon as I saw it from the airplane window, it started again, calling us, a language but a totally different language and again, knowledge of this land. So, is that what you would say connecting to the land, or did I tap into some song line?

GM MULARA: Song line. The song of the land, yeah, that’s beautiful, and you’ve just explained it better than I could because you’ve had the experience of it so. So when we are open and we emit love to the land and keep ourselves clear, we will feel the spirit of the land and we will hear the song of the land. And in Australia, the whole land has been sung up. It’s been sung for 80,000 years, you know. Just as a number… since forever and we’ve sung it up and sung it up and sung up, so it’s been very loved always in this country.

AERON LAZAR: Is it always in the same lines or is it just sent out in a grid or a net across the land? Is it done consciously? If you could say, I don’t know if you can share it or not.

GM MULARA: How it was is we navigated across the country, how we would sing it up. We were taught the song of that particular area, when we got permission to cross that country from the traditional custodians of that area. And then they knew that you would be safe, and nothing would happen to you because they were responsible for you, should something happen to you. But I wanna go back to what you talked about.

That the land has got a song and there’s lots of places where that it’s not being sung anymore. And I’m encouraging people to sing. You don’t even need to know what the actual song is. You’ll feel if you’re in resonance with the land, you’ll feel it and you can hum it. You can make all sorts of sounds because our original language is not English. We had over 700 languages in this country, before we were invaded, and so the language, it’ll come if you’re really open to hearing it now.

The fact that you could feel it in other places that is not Australia is really interesting to me. I haven’t heard others speak about that so much so what I’m getting is that you are open to hearing that. You’re open to feel the spirit of the land and to hearing your song of the land. And of course, there is a song everywhere. So, the songs in Australia we’re aware of it, but they go over the world, they extend. And it’s not every song line that goes all over the world. For strong ones continue on, but you know, there would have been people there a long time ago who would have sung.


RIYA LOVEGUARD:      Yes, this is what we wanted to speak to you about. We traveled to Mexico a couple of weeks ago, and our whole move from Australia to Costa Rica was totally divinely guided. We just had this intuition that we need to come and work where we are and it all started off a long time ago. So maybe a little bit of a back story.

Few years ago, when we first moved to Australia, I had this lucid dream experience. I was running a webinar in the middle of the night. I was still very much stuck in my, you know, hustle and grind, mentality but I was already meditating. I was already open. I was already trying to look after my mental health etc.

And this one time, I was still mentally wired but at the same time, I fell into this weird state which wasn’t quite awake and it wasn’t quite a dream because it was a dream where I was fully aware of everything. 

I was taken into this space, which I believe is like a four-dimensional plane where I met a strong, this cosmic spirit guide. I know now that they were the Arcturians and she gave me 4 instructions: She said, “Follow the grid

–” and by at that time, I had no idea what the grid was.

So, “Follow the grid. Follow the blue light —,” with blue light, I know now it’s the Arcturian Energy, and she showed me a special crystal that I can work with and I’m Polish originally so I never kind of, you know experienced this. But in this dream space, I run her bath and I fed her cacao and bread and butter, something that my grandmother would do, and then I awakened and then I’m like, “Okay, I need to follow the grid, where’s the grid?”

So I started researching. Oh, and she also said, “Learn about Sacred Geometry,” which again, I had no clue about. So, it all kind of tied into this grid world. So I was thinking, “Okay, what is this grid?” We were in Australia, the borders closed shortly after so we can’t travel anywhere. So first thing that sprung into my mind, “Let’s go to Uluru, this is definitely where the grid of the Earth is gonna be alive.”

On our way there, it was quite funny, we lived then in Adelaide because we lived all over Australia but we lived in Adelaide. We were driving north to the Northern Territory and every few kilometers there’s a sign saying “Grid” which means the grid for the cattle. But for us, it was like, “Okay, follow the grid, and it took it all the way there and so we connected as soon as we arrived with the energy and we weren’t even that spiritually open back then – we were only just starting and everything accelerated for us from then.

So probably again, we tapped into your song lines. But then what happened afterwards was, after a couple of years in Australia, we were healed so much we shared so much trauma and discovered so many things about ourselves, we were called to move to Costa Rica and then to travel to Mexico. As soon as we came to Mexico, we could feel the energy of the land, and then we tapped into Mayan civilization.

So, I believed that there was a lot of civilizations that did have similar knowledge and very consciously awakened, but somehow it isn’t any more. So my question is, as people now listen from all over the world – they may not even be in Australia, America and Europe – and obviously, in Australia, you’ve got this continuous, long tradition of singing to the land, of loving the land, of continuing there. But some of our listeners and watchers will be in places where there is no continuous, conscious culture.

It kind of went away. How can they rebuild that planetary grid? Or how can they kind of you know, sing into that land? What can we do?

GM MULARA: There is. There are many grids in the Earth, right? Some are stronger than others. The consciousness grid in the Earth is the Crystalline Grid. That’s the one that your listeners could be working with. The Crystalline Grid isn’t like a straight line, it’s all over the place. Even a crystal in between rocks is being looked after by the rocks, but it’s beaming energy. I’m encouraging people to go into the Crystalline Grid. And because Earth is expanding and, in the expansion, the Crystalline Grid is humming and working and expanding. We are energetically connected to Mother Earth through the electromagnetic field of Earth and our electromagnetic field.

So, if we connect to the consciousness grid of Earth, you’ll find that you will expand more successfully. You’ll have less psychic fog, and you will have more clarity in your life and more clarity about the direction where we’re heading so. So, there are other grids. I look after a grid point in Australia, which you would have passed on your way up North from Adelaide, in the Flinders.

AERON LAZAR: In the Flinders, yeah. That time it was amazing, when we went there. It was sensational.

RIYA LOVEGUARD: We had another big revelation there when we climbed the mountain. You’ve probably been to a few of your points. 

AERON LAZAR: Sorry to interrupt, so you’re looking after the grid around that area, but does it extend to the North? What area are you covering?

GM MULARA: Oh, my word. I have to feel into what I can tell you. It’s a key grid of Earth.

AERON LAZAR: It’s a certainly a special place and it’s something that’s even harder to describe. When we drove to spiritual areas, you can just sense it coming off the land. It’s just – It’s tangible, it’s in the air, and especially when we got to Uluru and I saw this for the first time and I could just see within my consciousness, I could see this huge beam of energy coming out the top of Uluru. It was just data, history, information that you could tap into. It was just incredible and in about 30-25 to 30 K’s down the road to the viewing platform, where you can look at it, the Kata Tjuta – The other range – I knew nothing about the history when I went there, it was just sort of just feeling into it consciously and I could just sense the masculinity, the masculine energy coming off Kata Tjuta.

I just knew it was looking after Uluru and Uluru was female, and it almost seemed like it was guardians, the rocks were guardians. And again, it was just for anybody who gets the privilege, who hasn’t been there. If you get the honor and the privilege of going there, I’ll recommend this to anybody because it is just sensational. And it’s in relation to I suppose the main chakra point, I guess, is in Uluru and I know you’ve got the line which sweeps down across the Flinders Range but there’s so many other special places.

RIYA LOVEGUARD: If you could a little bit about this global grid, maybe you know, without revealing any secrets that may not be revealed, but just in general. How does this play because there’s this Crystalline Grid of the Earth what about the smaller grids?

GM MULARA: There are major and minor, points of energy. The one that I look after goes all over. I’ve got 22 song lines that come out of the grid point I look after, where they met all of the major points. But look, people get confused. They think that Ley lines are song lines and they’re not. Ley lines don’t have any energy in them. Ley lines are just a line that people have drawn across certain things. They’re different because the song lines are connected to the Telerik Grid. The Telerik Grid is the natural electric grid of Earth. Think Tesla. So that energy and it’s positive and negative charge. But you know, that’s not what this is. That’s a whole teaching.

So, I’m just giving you enough information to be able to work with it without putting more on top of it and you haven’t been through initiation and haven’t been, you know, in proper relationship with me and the Earth and the teachings that come through me and all of that as a guardian. So, I’m just explaining what you can work with so that you can connect into that.

Interesting that your vision of the Arcturian was correct from my perspective, that there’s a crystal, so work with the Crystalline Grid, and the colors are beautiful, colors that are blue. But the grid is different. So that’s the energy grid of Earth. It is different to song lines, and it’s different to Dreaming Tracks. That’s in the Quantum Field as we now determined.

And what I would say to your listeners is to tune into the song of the land and hum it. But in humming it in, you’ll actually start singing up yourself up. You will expand in your own field of energy and consciousness.

But yes, Uluru is only one place that has energy like what you’re describing. We have lots of them. And that was just obvious because she’s sticking out of the ground. But we also don’t know… Can’t tell you that.

AERON LAZAR: We totally respect that. It’s certainly a sensational place and you know, I was kind of interested. I just wanted to quickly… You might find this interesting. Just something I’ve discovered consciously when we were driving to the Yucatan region, which is where all these Mayan pyramid sites are. They’re all dotted around the place in Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. And it’s a really energetically charged place. As we were driving down towards this area, the energy was just so overwhelming that I had to pull the car over three times. It was just too much. My mind seemed like it was speeding up. I couldn’t think straight. Basically I started to get these downloads which continued when we went to the pyramids site.

I could see that there were distinct lines of energy that connected these pyramid sites within this Yucatan Peninsula and that the Mayan recorded their history within these lines of energy. Not similar to song lines like you said, but probably why I asked the question at the beginning, because I was wondering if there was a similarity, but it just showed me that these my Mayan civilization, Aztec civilization – everybody is working with consciousness. Is there any sort of other conscious work that is being done in by Aboriginal culture in the continent of Australia that you could share?

GM MULARA: You have to appreciate that you know, colonization has really affected our peoples and so, there’s a few of us who are working quietly and secretly, I suppose behind the scenes, and one of the reasons I stepped up to speak publicly was we’re only seeing the men talk, and the men actually. And they can only speak about some things and I don’t think any of the men who are talking have been initiated. If they have, they probably wouldn’t be talking publicly, but you know when they brought in their elders and everyone up North brought in this elder. That elder has been initiated for sure, I could feel it. You can feel the difference. And when you’ve gone through initiation, you are open to the secrets of the country, the land, the universe, how it all works. And so, that’s one thing.

And we get a lot of young ones, pretty much every generation that get all fired up about their rights, and our people, and whatever. And we just had another wave of that. That’s alright. They come and go, and they express themselves. We understand that as. As a grandparent.

We’re just doing a lot of work quietly behind the scenes, really. It’s the grandmother lore work – L-O-R-E. You know, the umbrella of it all. So yes, it’s men’s business, under that there’s women’s business, under that there’s community business.

But the grandmother lore is holding that whole energetic field. So, with all of the interference and colonization of our people, not everybody is taught right way. Some of us are bringing it back. We nearly lost our lore and I can see now why the old people secretly recruited me and others because they could tell that we were going to be able to walk into this New Dreaming, holding with integrity the lore.

Our young people, they’ve been interfered with, you know, drugs have gone in and money, greed, selling off country for money. I mean that sort of stuff is not our way. So even culturally our lore was breaking down. So what they did because we’ve all got to pass it on, you see, I’ve gotta pass it on – what was passed to me is not mine to keep. So, I’ve had to grow people up to be able to receive those teachings at the higher level so that they will be passed on later to the next generation.

So, we’re at a crossroad here and this is why the prophecy of the New Dreaming is that we must now carry it forward and it feels very strong to do that – to bring a woman’s voice into the public, I felt, was very important from an Aboriginal perspective of this country, ’cause it’s gonna happen here first. Indigenous people around the world, mine included, know that if it hasn’t happened in Australia, it won’t be happening.

Just like when I opened the grid point just after the 21-12-12 timing, when everybody was lined up energetically around the world. My lore teacher says right now, the grid points are ready to be open ’cause it had been hidden and so I opened it in the Equinox. After that where there was a quarter turn and everything was in place and boom! Up she went. And then once that happened, it was like a pebble in a pond.

You know, you get the ripple effect and so that ripple effect went out through those song lines. Those main song lines around the world and elders in the other countries picked it up and then they did their thing to bring in the new energies. So there’s a lot going on that you don’t know about and people don’t know about.

But if we just get on with it ’cause it’s our responsibility. I have a spiritual responsibility for the people and the land here, and I take that responsibility seriously. I can’t go wrong. If I go wrong, if I tell a lie, if I do something wrong, I get smacked by the universe. The grandmothers are coming to smack me. I’m not gonna be doing that. But I do it to others if they’ve done it wrong, I can assure you. I hold a very strong energy as you’ve picked up and I could never have known that I’d be doing this at this time in my life but here I am and I’m just following one foot in front of the other. There’s no manual.

But what I did see two years ago is that I saw this whole pandemic. I saw what was really behind it. I saw how it was gonna play out and I thought,

“Oh people aren’t gonna be that stupid.” I’m like goodness! What are you not understanding about this whole drop? This is a hoax.

I could see it all happening but the other thing I saw that’s now happening in Australia, I also saw that the Federal Government here, the Morrison Government would collapse and there would be a social revolution in Australia, and I thought, “Oh my goodness, is that ever gonna happen?” It’s happening, it’s happening. I’ve all been served. The arrests are gonna happen by Monday if not before. It’s indent. They don’t go quietly. There’s gonna be a head of a price to pay. So, I think we’re in for an incredible time. But I saw it two years ago.

(Loud Thud/ Noise)


AERON LAZAR: So sorry, a bird has just flown into the window!

RIYA LOVEGUARD:  I don’t know, I think that was a message from the universe.

GM MULARA: And so it is!

RIYA LOVEGUARD: We just had a massive – I mean he picked himself up from the floor and he’s okay.

GM MULARA: We have a lot of that in Australia. They see their reflection in the mirror and the male birds will have a go at themselves thinking it another male bird, yeah.

AERON LAZAR: So I’ve sort of seen it well and you know we’re totally in a transition period that you know, humanity prevails for sure, it’s just a period that we just need to go through. It is what it is and I’m super excited that you know, sort of what’s being foretold within your culture is that we all kind of walk forward together. It’s gonna be the same planet we’re just gonna be operating bit differently to how we’ve been operating and it’s just gonna be a beautiful place, I think.

GM MULARA: What’s going to happen is that all of the false illusion is going to drop away, and the truth will be revealed. We have yet to be able to have a voice to speak our truth. What really happened to our people? What’s the true history of Australia? Let alone in the world. We’re on the edge of that coming through and I think that when everyone really is in the same boat now, when we all realize how we’ve been duped, how we’ve been tricked, I mean, Aboriginal people knew we’d been tricked.

You know, we knew that. The colonizers, they murdered us and then took away our children and you know, made us dependent on the state financially and took us off, kicked us off our homelands, and you know, etc. We’re still here, yeah, but we have had trauma and that trauma runs right through generation after generation, and it’s very difficult to deal with.

But I am here to give people hope because I can see a future where we will walk together. Where there will be great respect for our lore and our people can feel proud again and not have to be in conflict, but to be proud and to walk in alignment with their spiritual truth and walk together with those who’ve chosen Australia as their home.

So, what we say is that those who can’t have migrated to Australia, you will come home. This is what I’ve been told. We say we all have been Aboriginal, and you’ve lost your way and been hidden and been taken here, there, and everywhere. Those who feel the call to country, who feel the call to come to Australia, no matter what your background, your culture, your beliefs, we say you’ve come home. And the most important thing right now for this to really be an amazing time is if we could have a proper welcome to country for everyone, everywhere on this land, and I can see that it’s a possibility.

I can see a lot of campfires being lit, whereas when the invasion came, a lot of our campfires were finished, which meant our people were moved or killed or whatever. I can see campfires opening again and those campfires are like sacred fires, lit all around the country, and that in around that fire will be the traditional custodians welcoming everyone to this country. I’ve got goosebumps telling you that. It has a really strong power to be welcomed properly to country. You’ll feel that it’s your place, too. And so it is.

AERON LAZAR: We’ve certainly said when we came to Costa Rica, you know, at some point in the future, should things settle down – we believe that they will – but when things settle down under different circumstances, we would absolutely love to go back.

RIYA LOVEGUARD: We felt very welcomed by the land. We didn’t feel very welcomed by the government, by the system.

AERON LAZAR: So, two very different things though. You know energetically, that’s the thing and it’s a connection you can’t even put it into words. There’s when you connect with that place. When you connect with that land. It’s just like I said, it’s just something which just sort of takes all in the heart. it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

GM MULARA: And you know it, it should be available to everyone. Well, the First Nations people here have had so much taken from them but you can’t take the land. It is here.

RIYA LOVEGUARD: You can take an artificial piece of paper and divide it by artificial lines, but it doesn’t work like that. All of our lore, of possessions of this and that. You know, we hang out with a lot of Galactic Beings, and we look from a lot of different perspective, and it’s just ridiculous. Like no other planet have anything like that where you know, you put artificial lines in the ground and title deeds, and that’s supposed to be someone else’s. That doesn’t work like that.

GM MULARA: Our nation is really – we’ve taken that name from the Native American people. We didn’t say nations, we just call it, you know this was under (…) country – whatever the name of the mob word. It was actually not divided by lines, it was actually landscape. You know, it’s a river or a mountain peak. There were actually landscape features and also what grew there and what didn’t grow there. You noticed it naturally. So, we had a responsibility to look after our bit and to keep everything alive in that area, but you know, there’s a real sadness that has gone through Black Australia and that is intergenerational trauma. It’s complex.

RIYA LOVEGUARD: Is there anything that our listeners from across the world can do to support this return back to the roots, for Australia for the rest of the world?

GM MULARA:  Have your heart open. And what I would say is connect to the heart of Australia in the land so you’re already doing that. You’ve picked up the spirit of the land and a bit of a song lines coming through. Stay open and connected to that and you know hone in to Uluru. It’s a good centerpiece for people to hone into the messaging, people who lived there have been, you know, really suppressed as well. We’ve all been suppressed. What we could do is ask the world to send vibrant energy through the Crystalline Grid and send it to the heart of Australia.

I know that the New Age spiritual movement talk about chakras of the Earth. Maybe that’s true, I don’t know. I’ve not got that wisdom, that’s not sitting with me. That’s coming from somewhere else. What I do know is it’s a wonderful center point that’s important to all of us people. It has a. It has a great representation of our struggle, our land, our country, our people.

You can see the color of the land is really essential to us – the red land. So use that as a symbol of feeling, opening your heart to that place for sure.

I think that will help us to gain the strength that we need to overcome the the complex intergenerational trauma that I see our people walking around with. I didn’t have that myself, although I’ve got a little bit of it through my mother, but I’ve had to do a lot of work at healing that. We’ve all got a personal song line healing and our own personal song line is important as well, but connect to the Earth. Connect through the Earth into the Crystalline Grid.

AERON LAZAR: A part of the healing process though is being heard, right? It’s making sure that Aboriginal people have a voice and that they’re heard and overcoming your intergenerational trauma and things that you’ve been through, and you know, the wounding, the pain, etc. but being heard is a big, big part.

GM MULARA: Truth-telling. 

AERON LAZAR: Absolutely.

GM MULARA: So many of them don’t. So many of my own mob don’t tell the truth, they lie, they steel, take drugs – it’s in every culture, right? We call it mobbing, and they’ve had a go at me because of the lightness of my skin. I’m not black enough. Inside that, they’ll mob you and it goes right through social media. I’ve been terribly defamed in my time, but I’ve been defamed by the people that I called out who were corrupt and who are now being rounded up and are going through a legal process for justice. Justice is our healing, so we need healing. We need a voice.

We need justice and we need to heal, and I think that we can all heal together. I really hold that light. I hold that vision that all of us can heal together, and it won’t take much for our mob to kind of get over that but you’re right we need a voice.

AERON LAZAR: Yeah, and again you know, when we talk about forgiveness… Forgiveness is the biggest act of self. It’s the most beautifully selfish thing we can ever do because it’s never about the other person. It’s always about us. It’s always about never being shackled to the past and actually, do you know what? I’m not gonna be controlled by the past. I’m actually moving on with my life. I’m moving on to that day.

RIYA LOVEGUARD: We talk about it from a perspective of helping people heal personal traumas, but being heard as the first step, that release of emotions that often comes up. But I suppose it’s the same at the nation level, on a country level, with the trauma relief and all that. I suppose there’s a lot of trauma elsewhere in the world. We’re all going through it and I believe that it’s a global thing where people are going through their own trauma. We have gone through our releasing of past life trauma, different things. I believe that if we personally take care of ourselves, then we can go further and further and further and start healing stuff on a more collective level. I was just wondering whether it would be possible to receive like a grandmother blessing for our audience just like when I experience your energy transmission in the podcast?

AERON LAZAR: That was amazing. If you could share something like that, that would be so amazing.

GM MULARA: So just take a breath in through your heart, all of your listeners. Taking a breath in through your heart. And take that breath down through your body, into the earth. And we’ve talked about like a taproot. We’ve talked about the Crystalline Grid, so try and go into the Crystalline Grid. Going into the Earth. And just go in and you will come across a beautiful energy in the Earth that shifts when you hit the Crystalline Grid. Strong light could be all any color. But exquisite in its energy. I particularly get a quartz color. A clear quartz color, but it could be any color. And then taking a breath from there up through your body, into your heart and then breathing out through the top of your head to the furthest point of light that you can see with your inner eye. Going up and out, still connected to the Crystalline Grid and you’re now strengthening, connecting to the light. This is a golden light.

And now breathing in from there into your heart and expand as you release. Stay connected. Call on the grandmothers and the great grandmothers and the benevolence, the spiritual benevolence of the universe, to come in and bless all the listeners of this program. To take the blessings in through the crown chakra like a waterfall of electric violet light. Coming in from the tap above your head. Just letting in this beautiful electric violet light now for coming over your head.

Fall off your shoulders, letting it fall over your torso, your arms. Letting it fall over your waist, your hips. Over your legs, buttocks. Lower legs, over your feet, and into the Earth, into your Earthstar chakra. So that you are connected like a crystal. You are a crystal. Connecting you to the Crystalline Grid, the Crystalline Energy, and the Crystalline Energy from your Divine Light Source. The grandmothers are sending these blessings to you, for you to feel connected to the song line of the place in which you’re sitting.

Feel the energy transmitting outwards, as you bring the waterfall of electric violet light through your body into the Earth, into the Crystalline Grid and see it shooting out in all directions. Sending healing energy. Three sun lines of the earth underneath the Earth, and connecting up to others in this transmission. There are others here that you are connecting to and then connecting to me here in Australia, underground connecting to me. That’s it. And feeling the pulse of that connection.

Now pulsing around the world through the song lines in the Earth. Through the Crystalline grid. Feeling the pulse. Your base chakra should be warm. And now breathing up the pulse yourself through your body, and back to your light. Your Divine Light Source, that’s it.

Feeling at one with above and below and within. And now growing, going back into your heart space. And growing your own energy field. So that the waterfall now becomes your spine. You’re still connected above and below and to each other. But you are now expanded. So the waterfall is within you. And as you’re expanding further, you realize that you could expand to become Earth herself and feeling the sensation of the pulse within you. Connecting to the pulse of Earth. Your heartbeat. Resonating with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Feeling that in your base chakra.

And the waterfall is almost non-visible but it’s still within you. It’s your spine. So that you can connect to the Crystalline Grid at any time. Through this meditation, through this practice. And see your spine connecting above and below and yourself as a crystal. And so now just bringing yourself back. It’s hard to do but yeah, everyone is so expanded. It’s beautiful.

So just coming back slowly, noticing the noises outside of the room you’re in. That’s it, just coming back slowly. Noticing the noises within the room. Noticing your left big toe. Your right ankle. Your left knee. Your right hip. Left elbow. Right hand left index finger. Right shoulder. Left armpit. Right jaw. Left ear. Right temple left eyebrow. Third eye. And the top of your head. And just coming back, giving your toes and fingers a wiggle. And clap your hands. Rub your hands and just give yourself a spiritual facial and your face and just come back and open your eyes.

RIYA LOVEGUARD:  Ahh, that was so beautiful!

AERON LAZAR: Tell you what a technique and I loved it, like where you were literally moving people’s point of attention to different parts of the body and bring it in. Bring it in ’cause the expansion and I was just with you and energetically, I was just surrendering. Going with it. I was under the Earth coming through my point of tension through to Australia. Up to you. Beautiful experience.

RIYA LOVEGUARD: You probably wouldn’t wanna come up.


RIYA LOVEGUARD: I loved connecting to the Earth, I could feel the shimmer, it’s just vibrant. I love it! Thank you so much for speaking to us.

AERON LAZAR: More importantly, tell our listeners about the work that you’re doing and where can people catch up with you?

GM MULARA: Okay, thank you. I have a website I’m actually about to start an online course of developing your spiritual mastery working with Aboriginal spiritual practice and that begins Australian time Sunday morning, but I’ve got people from all over the world so it’s late at night in Europe and it’s sort of in the afternoon in America and early in the morning in Australia. So that’s all happening.

RIYA LOVEGUARD: We’ll put a link to your website in the podcast so watch us, click below, listen to us.

AERON LAZAR: So, you’ve got the sort of the course that you’re just about to kick off. Do you still do the one-on-one sessions with people, with clients?

GM MULARA: Yes, I’ve got one after this session. I’ve got one-on- one sessions with people so that can be a healing session, or it can be spiritual counseling, mentoring. It depends on what the person is looking for. Or advice. Or you know, even sometimes it’s something stuck from past lives experience that they’ve brought in with them and they can’t quite get what it is. So, we do that work. There will be the Grandmother’s Teachings which will be released again later in the year. I’m learning about how to do things that I’ve always done in person online so it can be little while to work that out and there. In Australia, we have the Elders Mystery School every year and the 10th one’s coming up in April, that’s gonna be phenomenal. But that’s in attendance, you have to be in Australia to attend that. I run women’s circles, so teaching lore to the women. But again, you have to be here for that.

RIYA LOVEGUARD: So basically head on to her website and fill your boots.

GM MULARA: And you can contact me there. There’s a contact page and that comes straight to me yeah really and there are other videos there too. So, if people want more information or want more juice of what I offer, they can go to the videos that are on the website too.

AERON LAZAR: Awesome. 

RIYA LOVEGUARD: So yeah, thank you, thank you. Thank you for both speaking to us and also for this beautiful transmission. Not sure what to call it but it was incredible and for all of your listeners, just head to Grandmother’s website, the link will be in the podcast notes and also on our website so you can find out more about the Grandmother’s wisdom.

AERON LAZAR: The energy is coded within this, I could just sense it honestly. It’s like a sixth sense. I feel energy like breathing and I can just feel people are really, really, gonna resonate with it and really enjoy it. So, thanks so much for talking to us. I’ve really, really loved it and it’s been fantastic to connect. And everybody who listened to connect with you too. Thank you so much.

GM MULARA: Well thanks for reaching out and for having the opportunity to spread my goodness like that.



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