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What is Light Language?


Light Language – or channeling energy in the form of Sound – is a powerful spiritual tool for bringing higher dimensional frequencies into your day to day, for the purpose of healing and personal transformation. It is surrounded by an air of mystery but in fact it is a very practical tool with multiple purposes and applications, some of which you will learn by listening to this episode.

Riya Loveguard, who is the co-host of The Architects of Destiny Podcast, brings 15+ years experience of using the Language of Light to explain its mysteries of this incredible modality in a down-to-Earth way!

Riya has earned the title of “the Galactic Linguist” due to her unique ability to communicate in a variety of Extraterrestrial Light Languages. Riya can also remember the languages of Earth’s ancient civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis or the language of ancient Mayans. Riya is also gifted at activating the ability to channel Light Languages in other Starseeds and Earthseeds and decoding the origins and meaning of these languages.

Understand Light Language

Light Language is a form of transmitting both information and energy. As a result, it frequently tells a story. Riya understands when she speaks Light Language. In fact, she usually provides translations of what she channels immediately after or even during her guided immersions and transmissions, or when she uses light language in mediation.

Understanding Light Language presently entails deciphering its energetic signature rather than translating word for word. Nevertheless, as our collective understanding of this potent modality grows, word-for-word comprehension will become more prevalent. When working with her students, Riya has already witnessesed glimpses of word-for-word understanding.

Light Language Classes

Riya holds regular free light language classes and is the author of the Light Language Course, a comprehensive and ever growing body of work, containing everything you need to know to become a proficient Light Language practitioner.  To start with, you will experience a powerful light language activation – to awaken the dormant ability to speak your own Language of Light. Through practice you will also become confident that you can understand light language and gain skills that will help you create powerful light language meditation / transmission recordings.

Riya’s mission as the Star Nations Ambassador to Earth is to bring conscious and intentional use and understanding to the mysterious modality of Light Language. She believes that one day we will be able to welcome our Galactic Friends in their own tongues.

Curious about Light Language? Learn more here:

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