Evolving into 5D Consciousness with Livia Devi

Evolving into 5D Consciousness with Livia Devi

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In the second episode of The Architects of Destiny podcast we are thrilled to have Livia Devi, a 5D Visionary, Mentor & Trance-Channel for the Arcturian Council of Light. Livia guides New Earth leaders on how to embody highest frequencies and bring the higher realms of existence down to Earth.

This episode is jam-packed with fresh insights, new perspectives and a self-reflection opportunity!

Listen to Episode 2 with Livia Devi

Or watch Episode 2 with Livia Devi

Livia shares with us how she uses her heart consciousness to transchannel the Arcturian and Siran Councils and tap into Lemurian frequencies. She explains how our hearts have boundless capabilities to give and receive feelings beyond the physical mind and how through the language of the heart we are able to decipher unique frequencies of Light Beings.

Livia also explains the paradox of living according to our highest alignment here in 3D. The secret lies in acknowledging that we are born into this Earth to live in duality and discovering joy and happiness in reaching our soul’s desires. Only by embracing this fact can we evolve as a collective, because when we all live in our own individual high frequencies, we start to create unity consciousness.

Livia also explains that evolving into higher dimensional consciousness is not a matter of changing old systems. The key to creating New Earth is coming into divine union within ourselves – embodying and calling in the Christ consciousness, which is the purest light of the highest dimensional love. By doing this, we will magnetically access the finest blueprint of the world because 3D, 4D and 5D versions of Earth already exist. Which one we tap into is a decision of each individual and how they project their own reality. When each of us walks the path of alignment, we will start embodying new systems.

To find out more about Livia’s work visit https://liviadevi.com/

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