How to unsubscribe from the collective grid

Riya Loveguard

I had no idea what hit me.
I was overwhelmed by the all-too-familiar feeling of exhaustion.
It felt like jet-lag although I didn’t travel intercontientally.
It felt like a hangover even though I didn’t have a drop of alcohol.
It felt like the integration or purging period after intense energy work.

The only thing is: I wasn’t doing any particular energy work. No downloading of Galactic Codes or transmitting them to others. No digging in the Akashic Records and releasing karmic patterns. No family-line investigations to let go of ancestral programmes.

And then I realised what I have actually done!
I decided to unsubscribe from the collective grid creating reality! Without pomp and circumstance. Without any ritual. I simply said out loud “I am sick and tired of it all!”

And by all, I mean all. Not just the mainstream media narrative. I stopped myself from consuming it years ago. But lately I decided to release myself from the opposing viewpoint.
In fact, from every viewpoint that isn’t in my highest timeline.
From all these opinions of what I should do to be truly sovereign.

Opinions like:
“Have X months worth of supplies…”
“Protest and stand up for my rights…”
“Get out of urban areas and grow my own vegetables…”
“Prepare for what will happen if people start dying as an effect of the global experiment…”

Don’t get me wrong.
These are all valid interpretations of reality. But this is not the reality I am here to create.
These are all very practical bits of advice for survival. But I am not here just to survive.
I am here to create.

And therefore I am not going to listen to what anyone tells me to do in order to be FREE.
Because following somebody’s guidelines on what to do is actually the opposite of sovereignty.
I am not here to oppose anyone’s viewpoint or judge them for it.

I am not here to support anyone’s opinion or agenda either.
I choose to listen to each story with respect to everyone’s input and unique role in these exciting but turbulent times of humanity’s consciousness ascension.
But I am the Architect of my own Destiny…
… and as a beautiful, sovereign, energetic being…
I am simply choosing to go my own way.

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Riya Loveguard

Riya Loveguard is a Starseed Activator and Light Language Activator. Riya's mission is to awaken and equip Starseeds, Healers, and Lightworkers to fulfill their divine purpose.

Riya has been named the "Galactic Linguist" since she can speak numerous Extraterrestrial Light Languages, tell the origins of other people's Light Languages and activate the capacity to channel powerful Galactic frequencies in form of Light Languages in her students.

Riya is also a Quantum Business Strategist, bridging the gap between entrepreneurship and spirituality by teaching the energetics of business in a practical way and helping lightworkers translate their divine ability into buliding successful brands.

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