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Divine Feminine and Masculines Energy in the New Earth

In the next few years, we will bear witness to a lot of changes in our consciousness landscape. Old systems led by wounded and distorted masculine energies, will slowly crumble (and it’s already starting), making it absolutely essential for everyone – regardless of gender or sexual orientation – to embody their Divine Feminine (and Divine Masculine) traits.

Just as it was when the Female Divinity was revered and considered sacred by the ancient civilizations, so shall the landscape of the New Earth be as we expand into a higher state of consciousness. 

“The masculine is only going to rise as much as the feminine opens and allows.” 

In the true and ancient dynamics of both Feminine and Masculine energies, it has always been the divine feminine that flows, while the divine masculine provides structure. Despending on whether you are leading with the wounded feminine or leading with the Divine Feminine energy, the masculine arises accordingly.

What is divine feminine is something that Riya Loveguard and our podcast guest, Bec Mylonas, discussed in a recent episode of the Architects of Destiny. 

Bec Mylonas – The Divine Feminine Activator

Bec Mylonas is a psychic channel, energetic alchemist, mystic, and priestess who works with many Divine Feminine goddesses and archetypes to call forth the Divine Feminine energies that have sat dormant and suppressed in our DNA due to deep, three-dimensional programming and trauma.

It is Bec’s soul mission to activate the unique gifts in each person by helping them process past life and ancestral karma, trauma, and energetic blocks.

Bec believes that true empowerment of one’s soul starts with self-healing, a strong connection with source and your own divinity.

In this episode, Bec discusses with us the difference between Divine Feminine and Masculine energies from wounded feminine and wounded masculine energies. She also shares with us her personal journey to finding the meaning of Divine Feminine, embodying the Goddess within and holding a balance with her Divine Masculine traits, and how these different energies play a role in the unfolding of the New Earth.

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