How Staying Present In Your Body Optimizes Your Multidimensional Experiences

Riya Loveguard

When we talk about consciousness expansion and multi-dimensional experiences, we often immediately associate it with some out-of-body experience that allows your soul to travel through space and time, witness different Beings of Light, and visit other dimensions to see their way of living.

This happens, of course, to some people. But for newly awakened Starseeds, Earthseeds, and everyone just starting out in their quest for meaning beyond the material 3D plane, these experiences don’t often happen just yet because there is still an important piece of the puzzle to find. That piece is that there is still a need to come to terms with your humanness and embracing your physical existence. 

Being human is an important element of one’s spiritual ascension but is often shunned aside or taken for granted because perhaps of wrong perceptions about us as “lower density or low vibrational” beings, living in a “lower vibrational plane,” compared to other races of Galactic Beings. 

This often leads to many of us seeking spiritual enlightenment outside of ourselves, and outside Earth, the very planet our souls chose in the first place.

In a new episode of the Architects of Destiny Podcast, me and my special guest, Cendrine Sauvenier – a psychic, trance-channel, and spiritual mentor – talked about the importance of being in your physical body, and embracing your unique human experience, and how it helps you to have multi-dimensional experiences and getting in contact with Galactic Beings, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light.

Watch: Discovering Multidimensionality With Cendrine Sauvenier

We Are Only Given That Which We Can Take

Drawing on her experience as a clairvoyant and psychic, trance-channeling and co-creating with Galactic Races, Cendrine said that sometimes no matter how eager we are to encounter our Galactic guides and spiritual team, they have a hard time doing so because our physical bodies are not yet optimized to receive huge downloads from the Quantum Realm.

“I’ve always been clairvoyant and psychic since I was very little,” she said. “I had my own encounters with different beings, and I would just call them ‘friends in spirit’ or angels even though they have had many different appearances.”

Cendrine said she always had a prominent female guide around her Energetic Field her entire life and whose appearance would change over the years. 

“As I went through many years of discovering more of my gift and also diving more into past lives, she would show herself more like a wise witch of the light, which is again, a different appearance,” Cendrine told me. 

But when Cendrine started learning about Star Races, her feminine energy guide’s true appearance would be revealed to her.

“When I became aware of Arcturian frequency and Star Races, all of a sudden, she was an Arcturian. I was like, ‘Are you going to keep on shifting like this for a long time?’ And she was like, ‘No, actually, this is my preferred chosen appearance. But if I chose to appear to you like this, it would have been much harder for you to integrate the fact that I’m here in your heart and you won’t to be really at peace with it.’”

That’s when Cendrine realized that Light Beings can only communicate so much knowledge to us in a proportionate amount that our bodies and minds can take without completely detaching and unhinging us from our human reality.

“For me, it really shows that we only see, feel, and hear what we’re ready to receive. So, it’s always a reminder of being happy with the information that we receive because sometimes, the information is so mind-blowing, so advanced, so high frequency, that we need a long time to adjust,” she said, adding that Galactic Beings are always ready to communicate with us and that they are just waiting for the right time and the right state of our consciousness to reveal themselves.

So how do we “optimize” our Energetic Field, as well as our physical bodies to a level in which we can handle all the advanced information that these Galactic Beings are ready to share?

Preparing Mind And Heart For Multidimensional Upgrades

Cendrine says it’s important to enrich our minds with knowledge and work on being loving towards ourselves, others, and the planet we have chosen to incarnate on before seeking some kind of tangible contact with Galactic Beings.

By doing these, we are accelerating the flow of advanced information from these enlightened entities.

“They always share information using pathways that are already open,” Cendrine said, meaning that Galactic Beings like to add more information about things we already have an idea of.

“For example, they would share a lot of terms of the physical body. Anatomy. You know, because I’ve studied a lot of anatomy through my research course and from my uni teacher and so on,” Cendrine explained.

She added that Galactic Beings would use these neuropathways or “knowledge” she already had and open them up further to pour more advanced information surrounding such topics.

“They draw lines and relationships between different pieces of information. Then, straight away they told me, ‘Okay, so now you’re going to learn about biology, microbiology, and neuroscience,’” Cendrine added.

At times, however, the Galactic Beings that she co-creates with would stumble upon blockages to the flow of information because there are things that Cendrine had yet to learn about.

“They would say, ‘We cannot find a pathway to share this to Cendrine.’ And I could see like, for me, it’s kind of neuropathways in my brain that are not yet created, and so the information does not travel,” she said. “I could see that they were using that to bring very advanced content. So, since knowing that, I educate myself a lot more, on quantum physics or neuroscience because they use all of these information.”

So what is Cendrine’s advice? Be curious! Read up on different information to understand the universe better.

“Allow it to be excitable to you. If there is something that excites you more, then just maybe have a session with me, with Riya or with someone else and look at how you resonate with the language that these people speak,” she said.

Secondly, Cendrine says it’s important to look inward and work on our heart space.

“The more we work on that ourselves – as loving beings, as remembering that we chose Earth, that this is where we explore, then the more we can actually remove density from the field and therefore, we unlock the connection with our own soul,” she said.

The spiritual teacher also advised newly awakened souls to focus less on acquiring “gifts” during their consciousness expansion journey, such as learning to speak Light Languages or channeling Light Beings and instead focus on their inner work first.

“Some people say, ‘Oh, I wish I had this gift,’ but the pursuit of gift is already coming from an ego template,” she said, adding that being present with the self, sharing love and being at service to others unfolds the mysteries of our soul journey, and would ultimately prepare us to receiving massive downloads from the Quantum Realm.

I completely agree with Cendrine. The soul expansion journey for me, has always been a journey back to self, and particularly my Higher Self. Before even seeking all these wonderful experiences from other dimensions, we need to anchor ourselves in our bodies, our very existence here on Earth, and the true essence of our souls.

We don’t realize sometimes that we have all this spectrum of experiences and have lived thousands of different lives here and on other planets that are far richer, bigger, and vaster than any other experience there is.

We need to remember that our physical bodies are not a burden to escape from, rather, they are a gift to give our consciousness a form.

Like Cendrine said during the podcast, we are actually more powerful because our souls have a physical form, and that we can manifest changes in the Earth’s consciousness through our overt actions.

“The Spirits would tell me, ‘Remember, you’re the boss, you’re the most powerful one because you’ve got the body. You can pick up the phone. You can write that email. You can be seen on camera. People hear your voice. We can do the best we can, but we still don’t have the body. Yes, we can move objects and so on, but we don’t want to create a heart attack going around doing things,’” Cendrine said.

“You are actually such a Master, and your beautiful, physical body – just use it! Use it to do awesome things!” she concluded.

So go out there, be curious of mind, with an open heart, and trust in the timing of the universe!

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Riya Loveguard

Riya Loveguard is a Starseed Activator and Light Language Activator. Riya's mission is to awaken and equip Starseeds, Healers, and Lightworkers to fulfill their divine purpose.

Riya has been named the "Galactic Linguist" since she can speak numerous Extraterrestrial Light Languages, tell the origins of other people's Light Languages and activate the capacity to channel powerful Galactic frequencies in form of Light Languages in her students.

Riya is also a Quantum Business Strategist, bridging the gap between entrepreneurship and spirituality by teaching the energetics of business in a practical way and helping lightworkers translate their divine ability into buliding successful brands.

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