2022 Predictions with Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar 2022 Forecast

Watch Episode 7 trailer: 2022 energetic outlook with Aeron Lazar and Riya Loveguard

Energy forecast for 2022 from Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar shares its energetic forecast for 2022 so you can thrive in the New Year, whatever the circumstances.

Aeron Lazar – who co-hosts the Architects of Destiny podcast – is also a multi-dimensional medium and conduit to the various races of the Galactic Beings of Light. Aeron is able to peek into the future by gaining access to the Quantum Field.

By sharing higher dimensional information from Being Light, Aeron was able to accurately predict many of the events that occurred in 2020 and 2021.

Plans for new year with Aeron Lazar

In this episode, Aeron sends his “above the horizon consciousness radar” into an infinite field of information to show what awaits Humanity in 2022 so you can formulate a game plan to move in the coming calendar year.

In terms of energy, 2022 looks like the birth canal of the New Earth. We’ll be going through the Dark Night of the Soul together, and it’s going to get worse before it gets significantly better. However, when you are equipped with Quantum knowledge, there is still time to prepare yourself physically, spiritually and energetically.

Let’s make 2022 meaningful and move smoothly even in the most choppy waters.

Listen to Episode 7 with Aeron Lazar

Or watch Episode 7 with Aeron Lazar

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Annabel Despard
Annabel Despard
1 year ago

Greetings! Very useful advice within this article! It’s the little changes that make the greatest changes. Many thanks for sharing!


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