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The role of animals, plants, and trees in the Earth’s ascension


Spiritual teachers, energy workers, shamans and those who are in touch with the spiritual realm all recognize the important role that humans play in the divine masterplan of ascension of the Earth.

Over the past few years, more and more people have recognized the energetic shift that has been happening in the world, and what it could mean for the future of humanity.

These energetic shifts, and all the wisdom that comes along with it, are often centered upon the human experience – the ways and modalities that we can incorporate in order to connect with the Divine Source and unlock our contribution to its plan.

However, very little thought or attention is given to the role of animals, plants, and trees in the Earth’s ascension to a higher plane of existence. Often, we think about plants and animals as mere backdrops to our grand painting of the New Earth. They are regarded as creatures for our comfort, joy, and even amusement. Trees are seen as ornaments, or mere tools to create materials of convenience for us like houses, furniture, and shade from harsh weather.

Thankfully, a number of spiritual workers among us who are receptive to the energetic frequencies of animals, plants, and trees collectively agree that they are more than just “extras” in this incoming New Earth.

Shelley Wasicki – a spiritual animal communicator


Shelley Wasicki, a Light Worker and a whisperer of animal and plant energies, said that these entities are so connected and rooted in Mother Earth that they are more open to the spiritual realm than humans.

According to Shelley, plants and animals are always open to communicating with humans, we just don’t realize it or perceive it with our limited senses.

“Energetically, they are always open to communicating,” Shelley said during an Architects of Destiny Podcast hosted by Aeron Lazar and Riya Loveguard.

Shelley Wasicki said that plants, animals, and trees are also capable of feeling emotions, just like humans.

While cutting down trees from acres of forests or creating a wildfire by accident, trees can give off an energetic frequency similar to that of human trauma and sadness.

Unlike humans, however, these entities are so vibrationally advanced and wiser than humans, that they do not hold grudges or resentment towards us.

“Energetically, that doesn’t align with them. It’s almost like they’re beyond that,” Shelley said. “But of course, there’s trauma, because that is their community.”

Shelley shared a beautiful story some time ago, about an oak tree whose branch fell because of a huge storm and spoke to her as if a mother speaking to a child.

“When I saw this mother oak, I was devastated,” she said. “I was so sad like literally her limb was gone. I laid flowers and listened, and I asked the tree, ‘Is this not what it feels like for you? Because I feel lost.’ I was feeling that lack.”

“And the tree spoke to me and she said, ‘Oh, my child. You’re looking at it all wrong. I’ve provided shelter for the forest animals. Birds will now make nests in this branch. It was weak anyway.,’” Shelley recalled. It was almost like a purposeful shedding, Shelley said.

It was a poignant moment for her, to be witnessing the loss of the mother oak’s branch, but at the same time, it flipped the narrative in her mind – that trees and animals are around us to ensure the continuity of life on Earth.

Communicating with trees and animals


This has always been the role of trees in our history – a silent, strong support system for almost every endeavor of man. From trees, we get wood to create fire, to build houses, to make something better out of life.

Aside from providing shelter and wood for fire, some historic accounts could be traced back to the fact that most trees and plants hold s medicinal power.

Every tree has a meaning, and it’s so simple in our 3D life to Google it. Like, literally, if there’s a tree that resonates with you, all you have to do is look up their spiritual medicine and there’s a plethora of information that can be found and intuitively feel into that,” she said.

On the other hand, animals also have a certain openness to energetic frequencies in a way that is imperceptible to men.

There’s a reason people often keep animals and pets around. There’s a reason why they can sense danger from a distance away. It’s because animals are so tapped into the energetic fields around them that they can predict people’s intentions before such intentions turn into actions. With this kind of energetic receptiveness, animals can be of help to humans when it comes to tuning into their immediate environment.

Healing animals with frequency


Conversely, humans can share healing energy to animals, too. In the podcast, energetic worker, Aeron Lazar, shared his student’s experience about how a person’s mere presence, connecting with Galactic energies and an intention of healing, could do a great deal for a sick animal.

Aeron recalls that his student had noticed a neighbor’s dog was sick but that the vet could not diagnose what was wrong with it. Feeling called to approach the dog, Aeron’s student asked if she could sit with the dog for half an hour, within which she petted the dog, and filled his frequency with loving and healing energy of the Andromedans. A few days later, the dog made a full recovery and was back in his prime health, leaving the vets dumbfounded.

“You know, everything has energy, everything has frequency and as we are progressing through this timeline, I think more and more people are tapping into that,” Shelley Wasicki said. “And that’s actually how I communicate with animals. I kind of start with color, like my frequencies kind of show up as color bands. So, I see a color and then I can tap into that and that’s their frequency, and boom! We’re having a conversation. So it’s very cool that more and more people are able to start tapping into that frequency.”

In the same way that trees are so advanced in their energies, animals are so free from negative blockages that often, they don’t need energetic clearing.

“Animals are open – so there is no need for preparation like with humans when we’re doing energy work, you know, we have to clear the space and we call in Gaia. Sometimes people need that to release first, to create room for the healing to come in. Animals don’t need that,” Shelley said.

Spiritual lessons from the plant, tree and animal kingdom


With all her interactions with them, Shelley believes that part of the New Earth and mankind’s inevitable spiritual evolution is recognizing the wisdom of trees, plants, and animals, and learning from their openness.

She also believes that in the future, modern medicine will have the ultimate face lift and utilise the treatment and healing of illnesses from an energetic level.

“In my soul, it is the future of medicine. It’s going to be healing on that frequency and energetic level in the future. We’re not there yet, but we’re starting to be able to tap into that. You know, like Reiki practitioners thousands of years ago tapped into that source of energy,” she said.

It might be generations away from where we are now, but the sooner we learn from nature, from all the things that grow from the Earth, and the sooner we learn to tune in to their frequencies, the sooner we will see a higher vibrational Earth, where adversities, volatility and the turbulence of the material 3D plane are non-existent.

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