Episode 13 – New Wealth for the New Earth with Keri Norley

Keri Norley

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Known as “The Wealth Alchemist” Keri Norley is a leader in the Wealth Consciousness movement whose life mission is to assist others in removing obstacles to wealth and abundance on all levels: energetic, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

As a future heiress to a considerable family fortune , Keri has honed skills to help create and preserve a lasting legacy of abundance for future generations. 

Keri’s mission is to help and equip people for the inevitable changes that will take place as the New Earth unfolds. She combines practical ways to manifest and maintain wealthwith the spiritual aspect of money. 

As a financial educator and podcaster, Keri teaches about investment, cryptocurrency, blockchain and Decentralised Finance in a practical and actionable manner.

As you listen to this episode of the Architects of Destiny Podcast, you will discover new ways of creating infinite abundance for yourself and your descendants. Together with Keri, we will show you how we can all play a role in this “New Wealth” community, where the power shifts from the richest 1% to the rest of humanity.

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Creating ‘New Wealth’ To Prepare For The ‘New Earth’ - BLOG
1 year ago

[…] Episode 13 of the Architects of Destiny Podcast, I had the greatest pleasure of discussing these things with our […]


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