Creating ‘New Wealth’ To Prepare For The ‘New Earth’

Riya Loveguard

As the world and humanity’s consciousness moves higher and further away from the three-dimensional realm, it is but natural to see the breaking down of old, dysfunctional, and corrupt systems that do not operate on a higher vibrational frequency.

In Episode 13 of the Architects of Destiny Podcast, I had the greatest pleasure of discussing these things with our guest, Keri Norley, who is known in the Wealth Consciousness and Abundance space as “The Wealth Alchemist.”

The concept of New Wealth

Keri Norley calls these new systems of exchange the “New Wealth” (which is also the title of her book). The concept of New Wealth is basically that when humanity shifts from three-dimensional consciousness to five-dimensional consciousness, our financial systems will also shift in a way that the power of the masses will prevail over the ruling elite.

People will eventually have more say on how, where, and when they can gain profits, invest, and grow their wealth. And this shift into New Wealth has already started, with the advent of more people-centric financial systems and wealth-generating digital mechanisms cropping up right now.

These things like the Blockchain, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other decentralized systems are the earmarks of the New Earth unfolding. Along with this unfolding, is the rise of a million and one ways to create money and abundance that our society has never before dreamed of. 

Corruption in the Traditional Banking System

Before venturing into cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi), Keri Norley was already well aware of the inequitable and corrupt ways that the fiat or traditional banking structure had always adhered to.

In our current banking system, when you have money in your savings account, you’d be lucky to be making 0.5% interest. Most people are sitting at about 0.1%. It’s next to nothing” Keri explained. 

Using the fractional reserve banking systems, banks legally take a multiplier of their depositors’ money and loan it out to other people in mortgage, business loans, credit card loans, or invest it in other ventures that the bank is engaged in.

So, as the bank loans our money out, they’re making anywhere from 4% to 24 or 28% interest. But from that, we’re making 0.1 to 0.5% interest. That’s nothing.” Keri said. 

Taking into consideration the current inflation rates (in the U.S., it’s currently at 6.2% to 7%), it’s undeniable that money in your savings account is not growing fast enough to keep up with the price hikes.

banking system - new wealth

The gas prices were $2 last year, they’re now $3.20. I walk through the grocery stores and all of a sudden the packaging is shrunk and I’m paying the same or I’m paying a little bit more. So, if our money isn’t making minimally 6.3% then my money is going backwards, sitting in an account,” she said.

With the way banks virtually hold zero of the people’s money, and allow for very minimal growth, it has become clear that when the Earth starts to shift in the coming years and major world events break out, everyone could lose whatever sum they have in their savings.

If we were all to go and ask the banks to release our money right now, the banks would be screwed, because they do not actually have all of that money. It’s a big problem, which is how we are going to end up in collapse. That’s how we ended up in the global financial crisis back in 2008, when the banks were bailed out by the government when they didn’t have enough money,” she said.

Since then, the U.S. government has issued laws allowing banks to freeze their depositors’ money whenever something like the 2008 Great Recession happens again.

So, if you have money sitting in a bank, it’s not safe. They can freeze your assets. It’s happened in Cyprus and Greece. It’s happened around the world. This is not something that is unheard of to happen. And you could go to the bank and get your $100 out to buy your food and you won’t be able to,” Keri said.

If you look at world events right now, the cracks in the traditional financial systems are already showing.

War in Ukraine – consequences for the world

In Russia, people rushed in to withdraw their money from the ATMs as the Russian currency slipped due to sanctions imposed by the United States, the European Union, Taiwan, Japan, etc. in light of the war in Ukraine. At the time of writing this article, 1.00 Russian Ruble was equivalent to less than 1 cent or 0.009 US Dollars.

With this in mind, it’s clear that the future of money and abundance in the context of the New Earth should be something like cryptocurrency – where the masses have more control over their wealth rather than the government.

The Role of Cryptocurrency in the New Earth

Cryptocurrency is a form of currency that exists digitally. There are many different cryptocurrencies existing to date, including the most famous Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and many more. 

What is blockchain?

These digital currencies run on a digital ledger that is available for the public to see. This digital ledger is called the Blockchain, where all transactions, money earned and monetary lost, can be seen by everyone on it, except that the people who made such transactions are anonymous. 

Unlike traditional ledgers, however, everything recorded on the Blockchain is permanent, public, and cannot be faked.

It is an unchangeable place, and it is completely transparent what is going on and where our money is going, which is in itself its own revolution of trust and accessibility,” Keri said.

Another revolutionary aspect of these digital systems that operate on the Blockchain are decentralized finance or DeFi, which is basically a digital lending space where people can put their money in a virtual “pool,” and lend it out to other people. Unlike traditional lending systems, creditors in the DeFi system can earn daily compounding interests without deductions from a lending company, bank, etc.

“So we become our own banks and we eliminate the middleman,” Keri explained.

Keri added, “I know if you’ve been manifesting, you’re probably like most people who have daily affirmations like, ‘Every single day, money shows up in my account.’ This is actually how it happens. You can be asleep, and your money will show up.”

This concept of New Wealth may all sound too good to be true and impossible to comprehend to many people. But it is inevitable, and it’s best to learn all we can about all these things ahead of time.

“It’s why people aren’t all in it right now. Because you actually have to learn how to do this. And you have to learn how to do it safely,” the Wealth Alchemist said. “In three years, we’re all gonna be laughing that we actually had to do this. It’s gonna be like the dial-up internet before. But, you know, this is the intro stage and we have to be willing to make these things and take these risks.”

So, how do we prepare ourselves for all this transformation?

financial freedom - new wealth

Creating Space For New Wealth In Our Energetic Field

It’s easy to forget that aside from the fact that money is a material, three-dimensional concept, it is also energy. Money is energetically coded, and these codes can either disrupt our Energetic Field, or perpetuate more abundance as it enters our Energetic Field.

Lottery winners and energetic field

Why do we think 70% of lottery winners end up bankrupt in just a couple years of experiencing that windfall? It’s because their Energetic Field is not optimized to receive such huge sums of money – an overwhelming influx of codes from their winnings have entered their field and they couldn’t take it.

All of a sudden, they enter a manic sort of mindset where they just have to spend all the money they won. They just have to give it away or buy all the fancy things. And so, in two to three years, all the money’s gone, and they are right back to where they started or perhaps buried in even more debt than they’ve ever been before.

On top of that, their Energetic Field learns from the pattern of lack, to sudden wealth, and then back to lack. And this up and down, poverty to wealth to poverty pattern, can repeat over and over again in this lifetime and the next if their Energetic Field is not properly cleared from wealth and abundance blockages such as ancestral patterns, and past life karma.

Myself and Aeron Lazar have talked about ancestral patterns in a previous episode of the podcast (link here), but what I want to emphasize now is that in order to handle wealth and leave a legacy of wealth to your family line, it is a combination of decoding mindset programming which is harmful to your journey to prosperity, and also, introducing new codes that will help you achieve infinite abundance.

New financial systems = New Wealth

When we open our minds and clear our Energetic Field in order to welcome new concepts of creating and holding wealth (as well as other things like relationships, career, etc.), we learn to adapt to the New Earth.

Now, with the Blockchain ushering in these new financial systems, it’s important to be open-minded and be willing to learn.

It’s a lot about how we energetically expand to be able to hold our wealth and to able to grow it,” said Keri Norley.

Keri also emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for the trajectory of one’s wealth.

In every single aspect of your life, look at yourself first and belike, ‘How did I create this?’ because if you look at it and go, ‘How did I create this?,’ then you can change it,” she said. 

New financial systems

“On a Quantum level, the scarcity, the lack, the fear, it’s not real. We’ve been conditioned to believe that. I 100% believe that it is through individuality, through all of us taking self-responsibility for our own conditioning, our own thoughts, our own actions, and taking them into this place of infinite abundance, bliss, joy, peace and love that we can do this,”Keri added.

It takes a great deal of us to go beyond our ego and acknowledge our self-limiting programs and patterns that block our abundance flow.

Look at the places in your life that you are creating suffering. If you look at yourself as the creator of your own destiny, you are creating this suffering. No matter how much it hurts to look at that,” she advised.

And then you have the choice to say, ‘I choose differently, I choose a different relationship. I choose to show up for myself differently, choose to be loving myself better.’ And then we start to make these changes in ourselves, we change the world,” Keri added.

Indeed, the New Earth sounds and looks incredible, but on the way there, we still have to learn and adjust as a collective to be able to thrive. Be an open vessel, and learn. And lastly, don’t be afraid to fail because failure will always come with a lesson that propels us to a higher state of consciousness.

Listen to the full episode of the podcast:

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