Navigating the Turbulent Transition into the New Earth with Steve X Mcnamara

Steve X Mcnamara podcast

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Steve X Mcnamara is a self-development coach and speaker with a wealth of experience. He’s a Qi Gong, breathwork, and mindfulness practitioner, as well as a Cryptocurrency specialist and the founder of various online technical help groups.

Steve Mcnamara educates and encourages men to become better versions of themselves and helps individuals have greater influence in the world.

The practical issues of the transfer from outmoded power and control systems to the New Earth are discussed in this chat. Since Steve hosts the Wild Man Revolution Podcast, which features men succeeding in their Genius Zone, we also discuss the role of the divine masculine in driving this global shift.

The emergence of the divine masculine is a critical component in the creation of the New Earth.

There are still a lot of traumas to repair from the distorted male energy, in both men and women. We’ve all experienced violence, abuse, dominance, being treated instrumentally and a lack of care from men at some point in our lives.

That, however, is not divine masculine. That is simply a twisted, patriarchal picture of masculinity that has been presented to us for millennia.  Just as we’ve been fed a false notion of “empowered feminine” for decades, which is just a woman walking in male energy on an archetypal level.

We are encouraged to develop the divine union – both within ourselves and with others – as we transition to the New Earth. We are called to co-create a beautiful dance of masculine and feminine energies for the greater good.

Here’s where to find Steve’s Podcast

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