Healing The Wounded Feminine And Masculine To Be In Divine Union

Riya Loveguard

“The Divine Masculine is only going to rise as much as 

the Divine Feminine opens and allows.”

– Bec Mylonas

Over the past couple of years, I have seen a noticeable rise in Divine Feminine references in film, literature, and pop culture. So many artists sing about the feminine archetypes in songs, or celebrities have symbolisms of the Divine counterparts tattooed on their bodies. But do we really have a clear understanding of what it means to be embodied in your Divine Feminine or Masculine energy?

What does it mean to be embodied in the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine?

In episode 15 of our podcast, The Architects of Destiny  – Divine Feminine Activation with Bex Mylonas I have had the pleasure of discussing this topic with Bec Mylonas, a Divine Feminine Activator, spiritual teacher, and a psychic channel whose multidimensional work has helped so many women (and men!) discover their Divine Masculine and Feminine qualities to help them live a life that’s true to their purpose. 

Simultaneously, my husband Aeron discussed the divine masculine themes in two podcast episodes – Episode 4 “Navigating the Turbulent Transition into the New Earth” with Steve X McNamara and Episode 18 “The Divine Masculine Today and in the New Earth with Alex Buta”

In our discussions, we have made a very important distinction between the qualities of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, in contrast with the “wounded” feminine and masculine.

Difference between “wounded” and divine feminine and masculine

It’s important to emphasize once again that everyone has feminine and masculine traits in them, that have either been beautifully activated or distorted by our human experiences, trauma, karma, and 3D programming.

When these feminine and masculine energies are distorted or wounded, we tend to embody extreme traits that are not in alignment to Source or the Divine.

A common denominator between us and our guests is that at the start of our spiritual journey, we all embodied both wounded feminine and wounded masculine traits, which attracted a lot of wrong people and situations into our lives.

I was operating in this super masculine energy, and it wasn’t even Divine Masculine Energy. It was wounded masculine energy,

Bec Mylonas said in Episode 15 of the Architects of Destiny Podcast. 

Due to my trauma, I was over-controlling. I would work extremely hard to the point of burnout. I had this stupid slave code of ‘Work, Work, Work

She would also display these wounded masculine traits in her relationships.

I wouldn’t allow men to take the lead, and I would be like, ‘Oh, I don’t want anything serious’ or act like I didn’t care when I really did, but I was afraid of being vulnerable. Instead, I had this tough bitch, bad girl persona. I had this super defensive, super masculine energy,” Bec explained.

Bec added, “It’s not only that I was operating from the wounded masculine, but there was also really wounded feminine traits within me as well. It’s like needing constant validation, manipulation, being overly emotional to the point where it’s chaotic. It was throwing tantrums with a motive to get something, not showing emotion as an authentic expression.

It was usually failed relationships and traumas that came with these experiences that really urged us all to reevaluate our viewpoints and cleanse the lenses through which we view the world.

Like most awakened souls on this planet, we often have to go through the darkness – “the descent” as my husband Aeron and I would call it – before we can find the light to guide our path to awakened consciousness.

Healing The Wounded Masculine & Feminine

In all my experience as an energy worker and healer, I have found that no matter what modality you work with, in order to ascend, you have to descend first.

In order to fully heal the wounded massculine or feminine, you need shed your karmic ties from your ancestry or past lives and deprogram your energetic field. At the same time you need to let go of self-limiting beliefs that have been imprinted in your mind. As you do, your consciousness shifts and unleashes wonderful spiritual gifts.

As we work on our shadow self more and more, we start embodying the traits of the “lighter” archetypes of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine – for example by embodying soft and healing energy, following our intuition and creativity as women or discovering our protective and caring side as men.

By working with feminine and masculine archetypes, the wounded feminine and masculine traits start to slowly heal and alchemize into traits of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. And this is the true dynamics of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

“The masculine is only going to rise as much as the feminine opens and allows,” Bec Mylonas stated.

In the true and ancient dynamics of both these energies. The feminine allows and flows, while the masculine provides structure. As a result whether you are leading with the wounded or divine feminine or masculine, you will get the different effect from the other, opposite energy.

How to embrace divine feminine energy in your life?

For Bec Mylonas, healing her wounded feminine started with connecting to her heart and her body, and figuring out the places where she felt uncomfortable or alienated.

The main part of my journey to being able to embody the Divine Feminine was this self-love journey of getting to know myself, getting to love my body, getting to look at where my heart was closed off, where I am putting up walls and acting tough to not let people in,” she said.

Connecting to the heart space was also a crucial part of Alex Buta’s and Steve X Mcnamara’s personal development journey.

Another aspect of healing the trauma is doing the womb work, because this is where most women store their repressed trauma.

“I attracted a lot of unwanted attention and trauma and a lot of that stuff because of this sexual energy that I have, but, that sexual energy is actually Kundalini. It’s healing energy and not necessarily just sexual energy. When we repress or shut down, we’re not connected into that intuition, that creative spark, where all of our gifts are,” Bec Mylonas said.

The Rise of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine

Just as it was when the Female Divinity was revered and considered sacred by the ancient civilizations, so shall the landscape of the New Earth be as we expand into a higher state of consciousness. 

But there’s so much work to be done before we reach this point!

As a collective, we must let go of our three-dimensional, pre-conceived notions about both the feminine and mascsulinse that have been drilled into us by society in the patriarchal age. 

Embodying the Divine Feminine is not about being soft, beautiful, passive or being like a “limp lettuce” all the time. And embodying the Divine Masculine goes beyond just the Warrior that have been the collective consciousness’s favourite archetype for millennia.

Quite the contrary, being in your Divine Feminine energy can means being a wild, powerful, fierce representation of the Dark Goddess archetypes such as Kali, Isis (Egyptian Goddess of the Underworld), Hecate (Greek Goddess of Witchcraft, Magic, the Moon and Necromancy) and Lilith (Jewish and Mesopotamian Goddess of the Night).

At the same time, it’s also embodying the soft, nurturing, maternal energy of the light female goddess archetypes such as Venus, Aphrodite, and Mother Mary.

And for men it may mean brushing the dust of the less popular Divine Masculine archetypes such as the Sage, the Priest and the King.

Thus, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, to embody both the Divine Feminine and Masculine means having loving yet firm and strong boundaries.

It is understanding that there is actually strength in the vulnerability, but at the same time, having discernment of when our masculine or feminine counterparts are coming from the wounded energy.

Divine Union in the New Earth

For divine masculine and feminine energies to be as one in Divine Union, it will take a lot of forgiveness, and opening up on the part of the feminine, and flexibility and protectiveness on the part of the masculine.

We don’t trust the masculine and it goes really deeply into what has been done to the indigenous cultures of humanity and what has been done to the feminine. The feminine wisdom, the feminine intuition, the feminine magic, the feminine oracle quality is something that is sacred, and the masculine is here to protect that. 

While the role of the Divine Feminine is to be the spring of creativity, intuition and life, the role of the Divine Masculine is to hold a structure and direction for all the spark that the feminine creates.

The New Earth is truly unfolding before our very eyes, and this will only become apparent in the next few years. During this crucial transition period, there is a sense of urgency for every person on this planet to recognize their masculine and feminine gifts and traits and learn to develop them in a way that aligns with their very own divinity.

This way, both Feminine and Masculine, could come into a beautiful Divine Union in the New Earth consciousness.

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