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How to discover your soul purpose Riya Loveguard

How to discover your soul purpose

To discover your soul’s purpose you can’t just take a “What is my Soul purpose quiz” and await for some algorithm generated answer. In order to find out the Soul Mission that is totally unique to you, you simple need to start asking yourself the right questions and listen to your Higher Self rather than what society tells you.

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Aeron Lazar - A Vision of the New Earth

A Vision Of The New Earth

The term ‘New Earth’ first coined by Eckart Tolle in 2005, has been widely adopted and used by various conscious communities. We all seem to want something fresh to replace the outdated systems that have proven to be unfair and faulty over the years. But what does The New Earth exactly look like and how will we actually live as a species?

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starseed energy update april 2023

Starseed Energy Update April 2023

In the latest edition of the Starseed Energy Update, we are pleased to bring you fresh channelled messages from Galactic Star Races. This month, we welcome two special guest races that have never before graced our public transmissions – the Blue Avians and Alpha Centauri. Both have important messages to share, and in this article, we will delve into their insights about balancing the masculine and feminine frequencies.

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Starseed Energy Update February 2023

We are on the cusp of something unprecedented and so big, that even our wildest imaginations and mental gymnastics couldn’t comprehend the magnitude of it.

The mass awakening event that we’ve all been waiting for on Earth, the moment that finally we collectively shift into 5th dimensional consciousness and ascend is approaching fast.

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