Spiritual Protection, Seal and Implant Removal with Richard Melchizedek

The Quantum Field is not all just rainbows and unicorns. All polarities and potentials exist in the Multiverse. This is why it is paramount for every lightworker to be aware how to protect their “love and light” against the powers of darkness.

For this reason we invited Richard Melchizedek, who is one of the most advanced spiritual practitioners we have had the pleasure of meeting, to a conversation about removing seals, implants as well as spiritual protection and defending psychic attacks.

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Watch the Spiritual Protection with Richard Melchizedek

If you feel you may be under a spiritual attack, we’ve prepared a FREE spiritual first aid kit for you.

If you want to learn more about the subject of spiritual protection, you will find many sessions on advanced shielding, including astral shielding inside the Quantum Club. In fact, we have just had a fresh session about Quantum protection this morning and planning a full day Advanced Energetic Protection Workshop early in the New Year.

About our guest: Richard Melchizedek 

Richard Melchizedek is a New Earth Visionary, Leader and Founder of Starseeds Changing the World, empowering Starseeds and Lightworkers to step into their soul mission.

Richard leads a mission to anchor the Organic Ascension Timeline, and prepare for the great transition of humanity. Richard works consciously to restore our rightful place as Cosmic Citizens among the Interdimensional Free World Councils.

Richard provides us valuable insights into his advanced body of work. We talk about removing seals, implants as well as spiritual protection and defending spiritual attacks. Richard also shares with us his visions of New Humanity evolution.

Find out more about Richard’s work on: https://starseedschangingtheworld.com/

and https://linktr.ee/starseedschangingtheworld

Download Richard’s free Starseed origins audio guide:


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