November 2022 Starseed Energy Update

This  Starseed Energy Update and Light Language transmission from three powerful, lovely, and amazing Galactic Races will serve as your ultimate guide this month of November 2022! Messages of love, encouragement, and heart-centric healing will be at the forefront this month as we are drawing a close to a year of intense three-dimensional densities.

In this session, we will hear different messages from the Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Lyran Avians.

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Here are a few key moments of this heartwarming and insightful Starseed Energy Update for November 2022:

00:00 – What to expect in this transmission

02:33 – Aeron connects with the Arcturians and receives a message from the Arcturian Council

08:32 – Riya channels Arcturian Light Language and energy: The Heart Activation

14:06 – The Lyran Avians

15:00 – Aeron connects with Lyran Avians and receives their messages

19:49 – Riya channels Lyran Avian Light Language and energy: Freedom Codes

23:35 – Aeron connects with the Pleiadians and receives their messages

28:49 – Riya channels Pleiadian Light Language and energy: Codes of Inner Healing

Message from the Arcturian Council [02:33] 

In this transmission, the Arcturian Council came through straight after connecting to the collective consciousness of the Arturain. The Arcturians are well aware of the fact that many of us are awakening and raising the consciousness of our planet. Many forces of negative polarities, or what many refer to as the “dark side,” will attempt to divert us from our ascension journey as we work together to transition into the paradigms of a New Earth.

The Arcturian Council asked that we pay attention to our heart center. We need to intentionally connect with ourselves even more while evil forces try to disrupt our heart field. By establishing a connection with Gaia, the energies of the Earth, we may protect our heart centers and maintain our connection to them. Spend some time in nature and replace feelings of inner pessimism, fear, or discouragement with hope and unconditional love.

According to the Arcturian Council, there is no stopping our collective ascension journey, as long as we don’t let ourselves drown in the three-dimensional densities that come with our human existence. 

To help us stay the course, they have sent their frequency of unconditional love encoded in Arcturian Light Language to activate our hearts.

Message from the Lyran Avians & Codes of Freedom [ 15:00 ] 

Lyran Avians brought forward a two-fold message: a message of encouragement and a message about freedom.

The Lyran Avians urge us to hold onto the tenacity of our conviction and character in their first message. They emphasized that our ascension is a done deal and that it will require us to maintain our strength in the face of numerous paradigm shifts and adjustments, even though this isn’t immediately obvious to us. Be brave and courageous!

Second, the Lyran Avians encourage us to embody the most independent version of ourselves that we can possibly envision. Their heavenly wings stand for freedom. They want us to understand how limitless and heavenly we are, and that we possess more power than we are aware of or are willing to acknowledge.

The Lyran Avians want us to elevate our vibration higher than the constraints of our 3D perceptions and gridworks. Recognize that we have the ability to liberate our minds, bodies, and energies. 

They have sent their Light Codes of Freedom in the energetic activation channelled in the Lyran Light Language.

Message from the Pleiadians & Codes of Inner Healing [23:35]

The Pleiadians visited us in this transmission as dazzling images of light that showered us in love and joy energy. They stressed the necessity of doing shadow work at this stage of our ascension path.

There is no room for pain or trauma as the 5D reality develops and our 3D ways are rendered obsolete. Because of this, it’s crucial that we work through all of the lower density burdens—such as pain, trauma, blocks, suffering, and self-limitations—that have prevented us from reaching our full potential during this transitional era.

In the activation and transmission of Codes of Inner Healing, the Pleiadians are sending us their potent light frequencies, which can penetrate the depths of our souls and aid in the release of deeply ingrained patterns, karma, and memories. It’s so powerful that we need to warn you to prepare for an “energetic ayahuasca” experience!

We hope that after this November 2022 Starseed Energy Update, you will feel guided and supported as you trudge on your pathway to ascension. Don’t forget that you are not alone, and if you ever need someone to talk to, our comment boxes are open!

We also invite you to a very special event happening on the 10th of November 2022, within our community, the Quantum Club. On the said date, we will hold a full day Exclusive Workshop called “The Quantum Portal,” designed to help Starseeds to connect to the Quantum Field.

This workshop will help you forge stronger connections to your Galactic Guides – all by yourself, and without our help! This will be a fantastic way to develop your Starseed abilities.

If you’re interested, please go to

See you there!

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