Human Design Chart: Cheat Codes To Hack Life?

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If astrology’s natal chart and the Myer-Briggs personality test had a love child, it would be the Human Design Chart. This chart basically pulls aspects of spirituality, psychology, and religious concepts together into a very methodical and scientific map that can become our guide to life – from making decisions to responding to the world around us.

It’s no secret life on this 3D planet could get way too difficult. A lot of Galactic Light Beings describe Earth as the most difficult planet to incarnate into because we can operate in such extreme dualities and at the same time, granted with free will. This combination could make Earthly densities so difficult to wade through, that one could hardly be blamed if they wish there was some life hack or cheat code to navigate life.

In our latest conversation with a special guest, Jaclyn Michelle from Interior Creature, we tackled something that’s the closest thing to hacking the mysteries of how to operate in this world while staying true to one soul’s true essence, and that is, the Human Design Chart.

What is Human Design?

“Human Design combines ancient traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucian, Chinese, Western Astrology, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, and Jewish mysticism,” Jaclyn Michelle said in an episode of the Architects of Destiny. “It provides us with a map of how energy kind of moves and flows, so how we impact other people, and how other people impact us – just on that energetic, vibrational level.”

Over the past few years, Jaclyn has been studying the intricacies of the Human Design Chart because as one might know – it’s a very complex one. As explained in Jaclyn’s dedicated website the Human Design consists of nine (9) centers which present as either open or closed/defined, thirty six (36) channels which present as connected or absent, and sixty-four gates which present as on or off.

Depending on how these centers, channels, and gates present in your chart, you will uncover the “cheat codes” of approaching life in your most authentic state, staying true to your truest psyche makeup.

How To Find Out Your Human Design Chart?

For beginners, Jaclyn said it’s best to start with finding out what your “centers” are. You can do this by loading your birth information in which gives you a detailed graphic about your Human Design. While some information is free on the said website, other more specific information is not, so your best option is to go back to Jaclyn’s blog where she explains in a clearer, funnier and more practical way how to interpret your chart.

“I always tell people, start with your type, understand your strategy, practice listening to your authority, and see all the shifts that’ll give you in your life,” Jaclyn said. “I guarantee you, like, you’ll start noticing more alignment and things happen. You’re like, ‘Oh my God, I would have thought to listen to that part of myself.’”

Jaclyn added that bringing focus on your “center” will also allow you to see where you are open to other people’s energies and where you’re sensitive.

“Going through those nine centers alone can just provide so many activities like where you’ve been ignoring yourself and maybe not even realizing yourself, abandoning or where, you’re just really empathic and sensitive telling people stuff,” she said.

Human Design Chart Helps You Develop Your Intuition

Finding out your Human Design can also be very helpful in tuning in to your intuition, which can often be blocked by societal conditioning and trauma.

“We’ve been conditioned to almost be overly logical and overly rational. I mean even as a kid, like think back to when maybe your parents model decision making for you. I love my parents, but they definitely didn’t say to me, ‘OK I want you to like, feel into your core and figure out what you have physical energy for.’ Like no, they were like, ‘Make a pros and cons list’ or they had a lot of pragmatic advice,” Jacly said.

She continued, “So, with human design, let’s tap back into the body’s natural intuition. So, what’s cool about running your human design chart is it gives you a map to what your specific intuition feels like.”

For example, Jaclyn said that people who are Sacral Generators the best decision-making strategy is feeling the cues from their sacral chakra.

“What that basically means is I need to check in with my sacral, cause that’s my authority, and wait until I have a clear ‘yes or no’ from my body saying, ‘Is this something you’re gonna be able to get to give your energy to or is it something you have to give your energy to?.’ Once I’ve got that fear reaction from my body, then I can take action and respond,” she said.

Meanwhile, it’s different for pure Manifestors because they have to take action first before they can get a feel of what’s right or wrong.

“So, their body actually gets an idea or an impulse, they’ll start walking toward it, and there’s something called a ‘signature’ in our charts,” she explained. “They’ll start feeling either like things are really peaceful and moving really smoothly and they’ll keep walking towards the thing, or they’ll feel anger or they’re feeling blocked from the thing or restricted or restrained in some way. And they’ll stop doing it.”

To be able to tune in to your “centers” which are indicated in your Human Design Chart, and having a regular meditation practice, Jaclyn said it becomes easier to tune in to your intuition over time.

Just like exercise or going to the gym, mastering it takes time and building that intuition “muscle” needs regular practice.

Ready to learn more about human design? Take part in Jaclyn’s free Human Design class:

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