Starseed Energy Update – October 2022


Exciting Galactic New Alert! We’ve got messages directly from the Sirians, the Lyran Avians and the Lyran Felines, the Orions and the update from the Galactic Federation specific and relevant to the coming weeks and months. All we can say is, the world is definitely shifting!

We’ve recently received an important update from the Galactic Federation about the fate of our planet for the next few months or so, and while it involves a lot of huge, fundamental shifts in our political landscapes and societal dynamics, it’s nothing but a bunch of prelude to our vibrational and consciousness ascension.

We are moving up, up, and away from our current systems and with the help of the members of the Galactic Federation, we are doing it systematically and in line with a bigger plan. So, no need to fear!

In this session, aside from sharing the special updates from the Galactic Federation, we’ve also had the pleasure of talking specifically to various Galactic Light Beings: the Sirians, Lyran Avians, Lyran Felines, and the Orions as they share their observations and messages of hope, encouragement, and love for the human collective.

Here are a few key moments in this amazing Starseed update for the month of October:

00:00 – Update from the Galactic Federation

07:35 – Message from the Sirians + channeled activation: stabilizing high vibration

20:35 – Message from Lyran Avians

29:44 – Message from Lyran Felines + channeled activation of leadership codes

37:53 – Message from the Orions (Minataka)

What the Galactic Federation Wants Us To Know:

The state of the world today is not permanent. We know it’s disheartening, to see so much war, famine, a widening divide of ideologies, and all negative energies affecting our planet. But this won’t be forever. In the coming months, the Galactic Federation will work together to release and extract the negative extraterrestrial races that have infiltrated our planet and have been working behind the scenes to influence our consciousness. We’re getting all the help we need to accelerate our consciousness expansion from 3D to 5D! Exciting times ahead!

Message from the Sirians

Our beloved friends from the Sirian Race, like all the other races in the Galactic Federation, have been closely observing our trajectory to ascension. They want us to know that the shift in our collective consciousness is inevitable, however, it is also important to work on ourselves individually to make the process a lot smoother and speedier. Yes, the Galactic Light Beings are helping us, but we’ve got to help ourselves!

Message from Lyran Avians

The Lyran Avians are our DNA relatives, so to speak, and they want us to stay in touch with them as much as possible, because they want nothing more than to see us win in this seemingly endless battle for human sovereignty. Today, the Lyran Avians said we have to practice discernment in what we consume on a daily basis. Whether that’s from our food, or the way we think. Turbulent times are afoot, but a new dawn of love, equity, and light will soon arise.

Message from Lyran Felines

The Lyran Felines addressed the awakening of the Divine Feminine and the concept of hierarchy in our culture. The Lyran Felines want us to be aware that in the next months, there will be a stirring of Divine Feminine energies, and that it’s crucial to find a balance between honoring and appreciating both our feminine and masculine sides. We can access a stronger sense of self, one that is judgment- and love-free, from this balance. In the interim, we must abandon our preconceived notions of hierarchy.

Message from the Orions

Last but not the least, the Orions have observed that there are elements in our planet today that are challenging our sovereignty by causing our human DNA to change, secretly, through the patterns and habits that we’ve formed in response to our environment. The Orions want us to take precautions on how we use technology and observe our repeated behaviors. Pin-point the things that are changing the way we think or behave, and listen to your own body. Your body has an intelligent mechanism of letting you know what’s good and what’s not.

That’s it! We hope you enjoy this October 2022 Energy Update from the Galactic Beings. If you’ve enjoyed it as much as we did, please don’t forget to share it to your friends. Together, we can help other Starseeds awaken into their Divine missions!

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