Starseed Energy Update 2023

Dear Starseeds! We’re so excited to bring you the universe’s messages for this upcoming year 2023 because for one, it’s going to put most of us through a test of our own dualities; and secondly, it’s an amazing opportunity to step into our own power and sovereignty!

As we channel the energies of the Lyran Felines and the Dragons in the later part of this session, we were called to first discuss to you what’s likely to happen in the collective this new year.

Looking through the Quantum Realm, we’ve found that our collective consciousness will be going through a divide of some sort – between those standing in their own power and sovereignty and those who let their energies be influenced and even manipulated by the sentiments, thought process, and emotions of the general population.

Incidentally, just when the year has freshly turned a new leaf and everyone has been recovering from the holiday haze, Riya experienced an extraordinary feeling of being “deflated.” An energetic slump that is so uncharacteristic of her because she has always greeted the new year with a sort of excitement for what’s coming. Luckily, she was able to recognize that this energetic slump was not of hers, but that she has unintentionally plugged into the consciousness of the collective. This, in sum, is how it’s going to be in 2023.

This year, we are going to be faced with the challenge of going inward and recognizing within ourselves what energies originate from our truest essence, and what energies are simply echoes of what the others have projected into the collective.

This 2023, we are called to step into our sovereignty, which in essence, is really just taking responsibility for how we live our lives. While most spiritual people are inclined to just “go with the flow,” this year we are being called to be extra proactive with the trajectory of our destiny, and never lose sight of what we’re here for as Starseeds and Earthseeds.

The message of the universe is “Be a creator, not a reactor.” Create boundaries, if necessary, to protect your own energy. Be discerning and aware of what you consume.

In this session, we bring in the protective and powerful energies of the Dragon Race, to help awaken that strength and confidence in you. The Dragons are telling us to be courageous enough to think for ourselves, and never let our hearts waver.

Also, Aeron and Riya brought in the beautiful energies of the Lyran Felines, whose leadership energetic codes are meant to help us lead ourselves energetically, as well as to be the catalyst for others to awaken into their true soul mission and power.

Here are a few of the best moments of January 2023 Starseed Energy Update:

5:45 – Soul Mission; sovereignty and responsibility
9:04 – What’s in store for 2023: collective contraction
11:28 – Riya’s curious start to the New Year
14:53 – Aeron’s advice to avoid being “swept away” by the collective energies
18:58 – How things get better in 2024
22:04 – Dragon Race transmission for courage and confidence
33:46 – Lyran Feline Race transmission for leadership


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Hope you enjoyed this 2023 Energy Update! Don’t forget to share it with other like-minde Souls!

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