Physical Ascension with Vanita Gupta

Ascension starts firstly, with being present in our physical body. The past few years, more and more people have started to recognize the essential role the physical vessel plays in soul ascension and spiritual development.

Where being “spiritual” was thought of before as being outside of one’s physical body – to expand one’s consciousness outward and fly amongst the stars and Galactic Beings and angels – now, more people have come to wake up to an important universal secret: That being “spiritual” is first and foremost, being present and in tune with one’s physicality, of being aware of the Earth’s 3D densities, and of consuming only that what serves us from our environment to anchor these higher frequencies right down to Earth.

No one knows this more than our Podcast guest, Dr. Vanita K. Gupta, the creator of Food Alkhemix. In the latest episode, Vanita highlighted the interplay of energies between our bodies and what we eat.

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Physical Ascension

According to Vanita Gupta, the food that we eat carry both DNA codes and energy frequency which then become part of our very being, both physically and spiritually.

“What we are really consuming is the life force energy, which is then being alchemized within us to then create our physical body. And so then, our bodies are going to do exactly what they’re meant to do. They’re going to function as the technology that it is,” Vanita said.

What humanity has forgotten due to centuries of slave code programming by people and corporations who hold influential positions in society or control massive corporations supplying food, oil, energy, water, etc., is that our bodies are self-healing machines.

In ancient times, people did not have big pharmaceutical companies or artificially-produced medicines. And yet, many members of ancient tribes live up to a hundred years old or more. They simply healed themselves using their own powers or energies, as well as elements that could be found in nature, like plants or praying to sacred rocks and forests.

Cocreating Ascension with the Earth
In fact, Vanita shared that a common tradition amongst many ancient tribes was the tradition of sucking the seed of any fruit-bearing plant or tree before planting them in the soil so as to “infuse” the plant with their own genetic codes. This way, their own energy signature would mix with the fruits that would grow and eventually provide them with healing and nourishing energies that are “of their own essence.”

“And when we’re responding to our own energy signature, we know how to take those next steps to be that better version of ourselves,” she said. “It’s not about making giant, glorious changes, but making small changes every day that you can adhere to, that you can stick to and really commit yourself to so that you can take yourself to the next level and build upon that. And that’s really where that self-love comes from.”

Realizing this self-healing power is what kept people alive for longer and move freely through the world without restrictions and during ancient times.

The thing is, our societal programming notoriously separated us from our true essence as spiritual beings living a physical experience.

Agriculture in the New Earth
For example, many societies these days look at farmers as less-than those who are employees of multi-million-dollar tech companies. So, we are brainwashed to gravitate more towards high-powered, punch-in-punch-out corporate jobs instead of livelihoods that require us to learn about our true essence, such as farming and agriculture.

“It’s just how these skills that were in society for generations have been lost because they’ve been described as something lesser,” Architects of Destiny host, Riya Loveguard said. “That is also a part of a program.”

How these ties in with spirituality is that we see fewer and fewer people who dedicate their lives to growing crops and trees and plants that are essential for our bodies; thus, making fresh produce more expensive and inaccessible to the average consumer.

Ascension and the vibration of food
Consequentially, we succumb to foods and products that come out of boxes because they’re cheaper, more accessible, and easier to make. What we don’t realize is we’re consuming foods that do not have the life force energy that our bodies need to function well – well enough to help us reach parts of our consciousness and spirit and re-discover our soul essence.

“That is the number one thing. Life force energy, because it’s not about the physicality of what we’re eating, it’s about the life that it gives us. Processed food has no life to it,” Vanita said.

She added, “It is really important that we are, you know, understanding the energy interplay between what we are doing and what we are intaking into our body. So, the more of our own energy and frequency that we give what we intake, the more we receive. This is true self love.”

“We love ourselves by eating healthy, getting sunlight, getting sleep, working out, etcetera. We love ourselves by taking care of our body,” Vanita said. “The idea being able to nourish ourselves with the energy that we put in and then we give back to ourselves.”

Once we start seeing the 3D programming being hammered into our system just to keep us away from our soul essence, we start to awaken to the idea that we are interconnected, and that we incarnated into our physical bodies to have a human experience – to feel, to ache, to breathe, to know joy, pleasure, sorrow, and basically, to understand how it feels to inhabit this body.

“And if we are not connected to the food we are eating, we are not connected to ourselves,” Vanita said.

She further noted, however, that going all-in on the human experience doesn’t mean getting too attached to it, but rather, to participate and integrate but not to the point that our humanness prevents us from being evolved.

Ascension diet?

As you begin to vibrate higher and higher, you might realize that you might not need certain foods anymore or do not resonate with certain produce anymore.

“There’s nothing wrong with eating pizza, or meat or anything,” Vanita said, adding that it’s really about learning how certain food makes you feel and identifying whether that feeling helps you to become the best and evolved version of yourself.

“Don’t chastise yourself if you eat whole box of pizza or devour a tub of ice cream,” Vanita said. Instead, moments like that should become a learning moment. “Instead, ask yourself, ‘how does my body feel after eating that?’ From that, you learn what makes you feel good.”

Truth is, we already know what’s good for our bodies and what can be damaging. What many of us have yet to learn, however, is being so present within our bodies that we can identify what makes us feel good, and what doesn’t serve us.

“You can teach and train your body to understand what it is to feel what it’s eating, what is it doing to your physicality, your emotional body,” she added. “As you use this more, your body will be trained so as not to use sheer willpower to resist certain foods but to use the feeling that you’re desiring to achieve.”

It’s basically just like owning a computer – if you keep downloading viruses into the program, you can’t expect the machine to run as smoothly as it should be.

Lastly, Vanita said that nourishing the body to achieve consciousness expansion and spiritual ascension, it’s important not to create a hard, fast rule, but instead, to create inner guidance and direction.

“It’s about honoring yourself, allowing yourself to make mistakes and learn from that,” she said. “And always, just love yourself through the process.”

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