Starseed Energy Update February 2023

We are on the cusp of something unprecedented and so big, that even our wildest imaginations and mental gymnastics couldn’t comprehend the magnitude of it.

The mass awakening event that we’ve all been waiting for on Earth, the moment that finally we collectively shift into 5th dimensional consciousness and ascend is approaching fast.

The catalyst for the awakening event is unfortunately pain, but it’s this pain which forces people to finally wake up en masse.In this transmission from the Galactic Federation we share with you their messages as well as an energetic upgrade to help you prepare for what is ahead.

Listen to Starseed Energy Update February 2023

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February 2023 Message from the Galactic Federation

The pressure our species has been under over the last few years, means that there will first be a collective outpouring of emotion, negative and low vibrational, as humanity purges the pain and trauma imposed upon it, which has been intensified over recent years.

This short period of release is necessary for us to heal collectively.

This short period will be emotionally charged and for those who are sensitive and empathic, you need to make sure your metaphysical house is in order and shield yourself adequately, so that you aren’t hit and affected by a wave of negative pain frequency, purging and leaving the collective field and grids.

As lightworkers, Starseeds and spiritual practitioners, you’ve got more work ahead of you than you realise at this point, so begin preparing for this now.

Make sure your Quantum Architecture is in good condition and refreshed and cleansed if you haven’t touched it for a while. Manage your emotions and prepare mentally for what’s going to happen and don’t get swept away in the emotion of it all as it will be intense.

In the middle of a storm, people look for solid and safe ground.

Be that beacon of light and be that rock for the rest of our species, who will need your support.

Be the voice of calm and reason that people can come to for safety and guidance.

Our collective and individual painbodies are about to get purged and you’ll witness the most beautiful sight.

You’ll remember this moment for the rest of your days.

But in the first instance, prepare yourselves. A storm is coming.

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1 year ago

Just came across This Podcast Tonight. Found it really interesting. Thats my type of language ? ? ? ? ?


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